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I am Heath Ledger will Showcase Heath Ledger’s Dedication to Becoming his Characters

Published on May 10th, 2017 | Updated on May 10th, 2017 | By FanFest

E! Online shared an exclusive preview of I am Heath Ledger that shows what a force in the entertainment industry Heath was, and how much he is missed. We’ve heard from Heath himself, as well as some co-stars, that he threw himself into the roles that he took on. These roles weren’t just jobs for Heath, he wanted to experience life as the characters that he would play so that he’d be able to act honestly.

In all honesty, you don’t need to hear anyone say that to know that it’s true, you just have to watch a film with Heath in it. He played so many characters and made them his own; it’s something only a handful of actors and actresses aside from him have done.

For those reasons and more, the I am Heath Ledger film premiering soon on Spike is a heavily anticipated look into his life. This look into Heath Ledger won’t just be a look into his personal life, it’ll be a peek into his professional one as well. We’ll get to see what made him the actor that we all loved and how he lived with the same passion he worked with.

During E’s exclusive preview, Catherine Hardwicke and Emile Hirsch spoke of working on Lords of Dogtown with Heath.

Catherine had this to say of Heath’s dedication to his character.”

Heath, he came in and talked to me how he would really get into that character and craft it. He decided he needed to get teeth made like Skip’s teeth so that he would feel that he was Skip and talk the way that Skip talked.

Emile smiled fondly at the memory of Heath and his method to acting.

This interest in the exterior and the craft and the way the characters would look and sound and physically look on screen—he was sort of a painter in that way, but he also had a psychological interest in his characters. If you don’t have a sense of play, and if you’re too serious, the odds are you’re going to be too much of a tight-ass to create characters.

There are just days now until I am Heath Ledger premieres on Spike and we can’t wait to watch it. We’re looking forward to the intimate look into one of the greatest people to ever live, in both his good times and his bad.

E! says that you can also expect interviews from loved ones and friends including Naomi Watts, Ben Mendelsohn, Ben Harper and Ang Lee, as well as Heath’s parents and sisters.

We’re prepared, during the documentary, to laugh and to cry and to find even more reasons to keep that soft spot in our hearts for Heath.

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