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How to Battle Professor Oak in Pokémon

If you are anything like me, you probably spent hours of your childhood (and adult life) playing Pokémon. What if I told you that there is
a way you can now face Professor Oak!

What you’ll need:

  • A fully healed party, ready to go in the PC
  • A Pokémon that knows fly
  • A Pokémon with a 226 special stat
  • A Pokémon that knows growl

What you’ll

1. Start in Lavender Town and head right onto Route 8 until you see another trainer. Don’t fight him yet. Without entering the trainer’s line
of sight, head to the tile directly underneath the entrance to the underground path.

2. Press down and start at the same time and enter into the trainer’s field of view. Use the Pokémon that knows fly in your party and head
over to Cerulean City. (Note: After you hit fly, an exclamation point should appear above the trainer’s head, but instead of fighting, you should instead fly away.)

3. Head up to Route 24 and travel across Nugget Bridge and take a left at the end to find Youngster hanging out in the grass. Fight and defeat him.

4. Now fly to Fuchsia City where you’ll need that Pokémon with the 226 special stat and a Pokémon that knows growl. Head right to Route 15 and find a wild Ditto in the grass. Let that Ditto transform into your Pokémon with the 226 special stat.

5. Switch to your Pokémon that knows growl. Now, Professor Oak’s team has three slightly different variants; whatever variant you fight directly depends on how many times you use growl on that wild Ditto that you find here. (Growl 4 times and Oak has a Blastoise, 5 times and he has a Venusaur, and 6 times and he has a Charizard.) Once you’ve used growl the necessary number of times, you can just run away.

6. Now once you’re through growling at Dittos, go find the professor. DO NOT heal them or save the game, this may reset the glitch.

7. Exit the Pokémon center and head to the exit on the left side of town. Your menu should pop up on it’s own and you’re ready to fight Professor Oak.

Special thanks to E-lo on YouTube for his video. He explains the whole process very well.

What Starter Pokémon will you use to fight Professor Oak?

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