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How Queer Eye Season 2 Made us Cry, Laugh and Learn New Things (Review)

This article may contain a few minor spoilers of the episodes. 

I was so excited when I heard Queer Eye was getting a second season, and I was not the only one. Netflix did a rapid production, and before we knew it, it was time for its release on June 15. I was writing this review as I went along the episodes, and let me tell you, I’m even laughing over the small notes I made on the show throughout watching it. Things like ‘Everyone told me I’m flaming,’ ‘Bob Ross reference,’ or ‘Sister Act reference’ makes me smile effortlessly.

The first episode was very emotional, and I think it touched the Fab 5 dearly to be accepted into a church community. It was also the first episode they did a lady called Tammye! She was so full of love and gave the Fab 5 a home away from home. Antoni didn’t even want to learn Momma Tammye how to cook, and he took the time to learn from her for a change. It made me realize that for season two, they’re not only helping people, but they’re making more of an effort to get the know the person and learn something from them for a change.

Note to self (or for everyone that is emotionally not ready): When Antoni starts crying, grab the biggest pack of tissues. He’ll make you cry, even if you’re on a public train. It did not happen to me. Nope.

The Bob Ross references are prominent this year, as in the second episode, the guy paints, and even has the same hair as Bob Ross! For this episode, the guys took the best out of William. They made a movie for a proposal and, let me tell you; you will lose your composure if you see that scene. In this episode we saw more of Tan and his humor, that guy is hilarious! When William said he likes the way Frasier Crane dresses, Tan wants to get swallowed by the guy’s closet. ‘I can’t- We can’t help him!’ He yelled, and it was hilarious how shocked he was.

In this season we saw that the Fab 5 all felt more comfortable on the screen, they knew more what they were doing. Even Jonathan stayed true to himself, it felt like he was genuinely making jokes and it was marvelous. Everything was more relaxed, more refreshing and funnier than in season 1.

“Everyone told me I’m flaming, and now I really am!” – Bobby

This scene was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!

I also learned that even though it’s called LGBTQ, the term doesn’t mean that everyone knows each of their stories and understand what the other person went through. Tan had a great insight on this, and he did a good thing wanting to be educated on the fact that he didn’t know a lot about the transgender scene. It’s like Skyler said, it’s good that you want to educate yourself, never be scared to ask questions. People appreciate it. Tan became so emotional while talking to Skyler in the safe space and it made me see a different side to him.

It was in episode 5 that I learned why I love this show so much. The Fab 5 included EVERYONE. This year with my class in Gender and diversity in the media, I learned so much, and I even had to interview transgender people. I became a friend with that person, and I take it close to my heart that they decided to pick this one. Even Bobby made a change in design. He asked, in episode 5, what Skyler needed in his room. It shows that they went a different way in this season and it’s refreshing. They don’t just do what they want like any other makeover show. They get to know the person, and they ask what they want out of this. In turn, we get to know them a little more, as in every episode there is some story about one of the Fab 5. Like Bobby that is adopted, or the reason why he didn’t go to a church in the first episode. It all feels genuine, and I can’t wait for the third season.

Queer Eye season 2 is now on Netflix.