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How Many of These Ridiculously Popular YouTube Videos Do You Remember?

Published on July 18th, 2017 | Updated on July 20th, 2017 | By FanFest

Back in the day, YouTube was a much simpler place. There were no ads or paid programming, just the beautifully weird world of creating original videos for fun and with no intention of becoming famous. You and your friends would just gather around the desktop computer or the family laptop and watch hilarious videos of guys in wigs and crappy animation – and it was the best.

So, if you want a blast from the past,  take a look at the videos below that went viral before going viral was a thing.

1. End of Ze World

If you haven’t secretly said “then fire the missiles” in your head after telling someone to take a nap then you are probably lying.

2. Evolution of Dance

The Evolution of Dance has been viewed over 600 million times, which is probably far more than inspirational comedian Jud Laipply could have ever imagined. This 6-minute dance routine gave people all of the nostalgia and still is great today!

3. Shoes

Created by American comedian and actor,  Liam Kyle Sullivan,  Shoes became a viral hit and won a People’s Choice Award for “Best User Generated Video” in 2008 and currently has over 62 million views.

4. Salad Fingers Spoons

It’s pretty impressive that 10 years later Salad Fingers still gives me the creeps. It’s currently standing at 30 million views.

5. Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!

Charlie Bit My Finger was once YouTube’s most viewed videos of all time. It currently holds over 850 million views, which is absolutely insane considering it’s just a video of a baby biting his brother’s finger.

6. Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise

American comedian Neil Cicierega hopped on board the Harry Potter train with his puppet versions of Potter characters. The Mysterious Ticking noise was one of his most popular videos ever and now has more than 175 million views.

7. Charlie the Unicorn

Even though it hardly made any sense you definitely watched it over and over until it did.  Charlie the Unicorn has nearly 30 million views and a cult like following that prompted a whole series and even a special merchandise store. In 2016 creator Jason Steele started a Kickstarted to raise funds to make a final episode.

8. Schfifty Five

Can you count to schfifty five?

9. Here it Goes Again by OKGo

The best thing to happen on a treadmill ever. Even though they were somewhat new to the scene when they released this video, OKGo took home the Grammy for Best Short-Form Music Video in 2007 for it. It currently has over 37 million views.

10. Bon Qui Qui

You or someone you know definitely dressed up as Bon Qui Qui for Halloween once.

11. Bounce by The Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers fans probably forgot about this classic video with Demi Lovato, but once you click play you will remember it immediately. Those were the days of Disney Channel we should always remember.

12. The Ultimate Lax Bro

Oh, the lax bro phase…

13. Chocolate Rain

Tay Zonday actually just performed this on the Steve Harvey show last month for the 10 year anniversary – talk about viral longevity!

14. Can I Get Your Number?

One of the many gems to come out of the old days of Mad TV.

15. Old Greg

Old Greg was creepy as hell, but you can bet kids were quoting this in the halls all the time.

16. Dane Cook – “Burger King”

Dane Cook alone just takes me back, but this animated sketch of his experience working at Burger King will probably give you some weird sort of fleeting nostalgia.

17. Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

An iconic moment for both zombies and turtles.

18. Leprechaun in Alabama

Seriously, you cannot beat that amateur sketch. Such an innocent time for news.


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