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How Is Marvel Going to Market ‘Avengers 4’ After ‘Infinity War’?

Published on June 27th, 2018 | Updated on June 27th, 2018 | By FanFest

Marvel has got quite the challenge on their hands heading into the next year of marketing for the upcoming Avengers 4. As you all should know by now, Infinity War ended with Thanos snapping his fingers, resulting half of the world’s population, including half of our heroes, disappearing into thin air, presumably dying. Thankfully, we only have to wait a year before we get some answers in the second installment when Avengers 4 hits theaters.

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Of course, when you “kill” half of your main characters that does pose a bit of an issue for marketing the film since audiences are all but convinced that dead heroes aren’t really dead and some, if not all, will be returning So, while speaking with Marel Studios President Kevin Feige, io9 managed to get a tiny bit of intel from about the situation when they asked him if Black Panther, one of Thanos’ victims, would be appearing in any trailers.

“No, because he’s gone.”

Based on that, it’s probably safe to assume that the other characters who disappeared such as Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Bucky, Falcon and Scarlet Witch won’t be appearing in any Avengers 4 trailers either, even though they’re all technically on the cast list.

So, what’s the plan? Put faith in the Disney marketing team!

“We are working with the greatest marketing team in the world with Disney so I’m anxious to see how they start to put [the marketing] together.”

Oh, and not go to San Diego Comic-Con.

“We’re not going to Hall H this year. It will be an off year… which is what we did after Avengers 1 and what we’ve done every few years. There will be a tenth anniversary presence at Comic-Con but [no Hall H panel.],” Feige told Collider.

It’s going to be an interesting year, to say the least, and with Spider-Man: Far From Home hitting theaters two months after Avengers 4 and is supposedly taking place “minutes after” it ends, the marketing of both films will overlap. Avengers 4 hits theaters in May 2019 with an official title coming this fall and Spider-Man: Far From Home will come out July 2019!


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