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How an ‘Arrow’ and ‘Supernatural’ Crossover Could Work!

Published on June 26th, 2017 | Updated on June 27th, 2017 | By FanFest

For quite some time now, Arrow star Stephen Amell has been teasing that he would love for CW’s other hit series, Supernatural, to cross universes with the iconic DC Hero. In fact, he’s been posting about it since October of last year (stating that it is a crossover they need!) and he even mentioned it again during a recent panel at HVFF Portland.

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It would certainly be a lot of fun to see these shows crossover, but the question is… could it be done? The answer to that question is obviously a yes!

Given the fact that Supernatural‘s focus is on the occult and paranormal events, that pretty much gets them free range to go almost anywhere they need to (or want to). Star City has been no stranger to mystical and mysterious happenings (i.e Damien Darhk in Season 4), so it really wouldn’t be a surprise if it somehow came back to the city one more. Cue Dean and Sam Winchester, who could head to Star City to check out the mysterious happenings.

In addition to this, we have Constantine who appeared in the Arrowverse after his stand-alone season was cancelled. As a member of the Justice League Dark, Constantine has faced similar demons (literally) that both Dean and Sam find themselves frequently facing. If these two exist in the same universe, it would be incredibly easy to have these guys all run into each other at the same point. Also, if this crossover were to happen and we were to gain the Justice League Dark… we could see character such as Zatanna and Changing Man appear on the show as well!

Talk about opening up some pretty cool doors and windows into the DCverse, eh? Being as both shows are on The CW, it would also make it a lot less of a hassle. (Last year, The Flash and Supergirl had a crossover episode back when it was with CBS).

So, essentially, this crossover could absolutely happen. Stephen and his Supernatural pals are absolutely down for this… now all we need to do is convince these writers!

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