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How AMC is Planning to Extend ‘The Walking Dead’ Universe

Published on October 4th, 2018 | Updated on October 4th, 2018 | By FanFest

The CEO of AMC Networks, Josh Sapan recently spoke at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference and where he stated that they have plans for a decade more of the series. His statement was in defense of the recent decline in viewership. Walking Dead remains to have on of the biggest fan bases in television history, and many of those fans were pleased to hear that news.

“If we manage it properly it has a long life, which is not to say it will always look like a TV series,” Sapan said at the conference.

Bloomberg has now added to that, reporting that AMC, who owns The Walking Dead franchise intends to produce various movies, and TV shows based on the novels that gave us the series. AMC has been in talks with various media companies with intentions of finding partners for the numerous projects ahead. The expansion could set the partners back a several hundred million dollars, but if previous shows are to contribute to judgement, fans are eager to see what’s ahead.

According to the report, AMC would also take The Walking Dead franchise overseas. It would have a series set in a different country, as many of its fans aren’t in the US. These projects are a big part of Scott Gimple’s role as chief content officer. He commented on that during Talking Dead after the season 4 finale of Fear The Walking Dead, teasing a big announcement to come.

Perhaps the announcement has something to do with these new projects. What we know for sure if that it will have something to do with the future of the beloved apocalyptic series.

The Walking Dead franchise has already expanded to Fear the Walking Dead series spinoff, to the Talking Dead talk show. There are mobile games like The Walking Dead: Our World, and of course Walker Stalker Con events throughout the year where fans and actors get a chance to collide.

It’s clear that The Walking Dead has established itself, and that its creators want it to sit in the rankings in the realm of Star Wars, and the comic universes that so dominate the entertainment industry today.

AMC has some tough choices to make, but the biggest would be picking partners for the upcoming content.

All potential choices have been notified that rights to the franchise are on the table.

The money would also be an issue, but the huge fan base is a guarantee for viewership. Season nine of The Walking Dead begins on October 7, 2018.


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