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House Of The Dragon Deliberately Hints at a Major ‘Game Of Thrones Death’

Published on October 13th, 2022 | Updated on October 13th, 2022 | By FanFest

In the latest episode of House of the Dragon, we see King Viserys Targaryen nearing the end of his life. He is in so much pain that he can’t even stand or breathe without hurting. In his last public appearance before he died, half his face had rotted away, so he wore a golden mask over his right eye and cheek. At first, some fans thought it might be the same type of mask worn by Crabfeeder. But actually, this facial accessory has an even deeper tie to another Targaryen that Game of Thrones fans have already seen on television — the first Viserys.

Viserys III, from Game of Thrones, was an unpleasant fellow who, after threatening the lives of Daenerys and her unborn kid to obtain Khal Drogo’s army, threatened their life in order to make his move on Westeros. All he wanted was his crown, he said. Drogo complied by melting golden jewelry and pouring it over Viserys’ head, instantly killing him and encasing his skull and face in a “a crown for a king.”

Viserys I, the King in House of the Dragon, was not a cruel king like Viserys III, but they had more in common than just a name. In last week’s episode, Viserys’ mask is covered with gold that kills his namesake, much like the gold that murdered Viserys III. This not only hints at Viserys’ namesake’s fate, but also symbolizes how authorities and crowns might murder people who try to wield them.

Is Viserys Really Dead?

In the final House of the Dragon episode, Viserys is seen in his bed, stating aloud that he’s ready to stop hurting. The camera cuts away without an official declaration of his death, but it’s quite clear that he’s gone. Fortunately, we now have an answer.

The death of Viserys is significant because it’s what drives the story of the Dance of the Dragons forward, making it a key part of the series. It’s also worth noting that in the preview for House of Dragon‘s ninth episode, Otto Hightower confirms that King has died, so there won’t be any sort false advertising to make people believe Viserys is still alive.

New episodes of House of the Dragon will be premiering on HBO and HBO Max every Sunday night.

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