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Holland Taylor Finds it Difficult to Watch Sarah Paulson on American Horror Story

Published on August 17th, 2017 | Updated on August 17th, 2017 | By FanFest

American Horror Story is a show that grabs all of its viewers in their own unique ways. Some series’ have the ability to blanket fans into categories but AHS…it can pull the same time it pushes and terrorize at the same time it encaptures you. With every character, viewers have different experiences which also makes it one of the most interesting television shows to talk about.

That, however, doesn’t mean everyone is a fan of the series. Some people just can’t get into it while for others, it’s too much.

One of those people it can be too much for is Holland Taylor, especially when it comes to Sarah Paulson. The pair has been together for some time now and she says it’s hard to see Sarah in the series, especially when she’s in jeopardy.

She’s had two seasons in a row where she was running and screaming and fleeing and being in jeopardy. I don’t like watching her in jeopardy. It’s hard.

Sarah’s role in each season is always a fan favorite and is one that always has a large impact on the series and the fans. However, we totally understand where Holland is coming from. Even if it is just a television show, you never want to see someone you care about in danger.

In addition to the comment about the series, Holland shared a bit about how they got together and it’s thanks to social media.

Ten years later, she did see me in a tweet and she thought I was blue about something and she said, ‘How are you? What’s happening?’ And we got together shortly after that.

 Hopefully, this season will be a bit easier on Sarah so Holland can worry less, but…let’s face it, it is American Horror Story we’re talking about.


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