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Hilltop Isn’t Happy to See Michonne in ‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale Sneak Peak

Published on November 21st, 2018 | Updated on November 21st, 2018 | By FanFest

The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead season 9 is upon us, and there are many questions to be asked.

The one that a new clip from AMC touches on is the new group. They are fresh, funny and charming. Michonne is bringing them to Hilltop, but how will they fit in there? Will they be accepted?

In the new clip from episode 9×08,  Michonne and Magna’s group arrive at Hilltop. They tell Dianne, who’s guarding the settlement that they are here for Rosita. She says she has some new people whom she told Hilltop would take in. She says they are good people.

Dianne doesn’t seem amused. She seems to be tense when it comes to Michonne.

Michonne removes her Katana from her belt and throws it down from the horse. Yukimo removers her weapons, followed by Kelly. Magna whispers, “We just got these back.” As we saw in last episode, she wanted their weapons back, but it was a journey for Michonne to trust them enough, and she finally gives in as a herd of walkers attacks their temporary camp.

The group, now weapons free, waits for Dianne to let them in.


The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead airs on Sunday, November 26th at 9 PM ET on AMC.


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