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Hilary Duff Adopted a Sweet Dog and Needs Help Picking a Name

Published on May 4th, 2017 | Updated on May 3rd, 2017 | By FanFest

Hilary Duff is a big fan of her animal companions. If you look through her Instagram history, she’s been a ‘dog mom’ for quite some time, and her pets hold an incredibly special place in her heart. She lost two of her dogs in the past few years, one as recent as this February, and her posts about the losses were heartbreaking.

The thing is, there’s always room in your heart for more love, especially when it comes to animals. She posted a video last week of her lying on the floor getting tons of kisses from her dog and her face is absolutely lit up. Her pets are part of her family.

In addition to her hiking buddy, she brought a new dog into the family just days ago and the little pup is absolutely stunning. She thought she’d picked out the perfect name for the dog, but now she’s not so sure, so she took to Instagram and asked for help naming her sweet new addition.

When she brought the dog home from Love Leo Rescue, his name was Mojito which is totally cute. However, she saw the dog and decided to name it Bean, now – she’s unsure so she’s asking for help. She even got the little pup involved in her Instagram post. Lots of fans are leaving comments on the photo with what they think the best name is. We love Bean, but we think Momo is the winner.

In terms of where this pup came from, Love Leo Rescue is an LA-Based 501c3 rescue shelter. You can check out their Instagram profile as well as the link in their bio which sends you to a page where you can buy a shirt to support the Rescue!

What do you think the pup’s name should be?


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