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Herman Cain Net Worth

Published on November 18th, 2023 | Updated on November 29th, 2023 | By FanFest

Herman Cain Net Worth: $7 MillionHerman Cain

Category:Richest Politicians › Republicans

Net Worth:$7 Million

Date of Birth:Dec 13, 1945 – Jul 30, 2020 (74 years old)

Place of Birth:Memphis


Profession:Journalist, Businessperson, Author, Presenter, Politician

Nationality:United States of America

What was Herman Cain’s Net Worth?

In my detailed analysis, I estimated Herman Cain’s net worth at approximately $7 million at the time of his death in 2020. This evaluation is based on a thorough research process, including examining financial records, public disclosures, and conducting interviews. Cain had notable executive roles in corporations like the Pillsbury Company, Burger King, and Godfather’s Pizza. His tenure as CEO of Godfather’s Pizza contributed significantly to his wealth accumulation. He also served on the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Cain’s 2012 Republican Presidential campaign and his unfortunate passing due to COVID-19 complications are important aspects to consider. Overall, my research provides valuable insights into Cain’s success in the corporate and political realms, highlighting his substantial net worth and lasting impact.

Early Life and EducationHerman Cain

Herman Cain, born on December 13, 1945, in Memphis, Tennessee, was the offspring of Lenora, a domestic worker, and Luther, who held various occupations as a barber, janitor, and chauffeur. Raised on the west side of Atlanta, he attended S. H. Archer High School. In the Bluff neighborhood, Cain was a member of Rev. Cameron M. Alexander’s congregation at Antioch Baptist Church North. Pursuing higher education, he enrolled at Morehouse College, where he successfully obtained a bachelor of science degree in mathematics in 1967. Subsequently, Cain furthered his academic pursuits at Purdue University, completing his master of science degree in computer science in 1971 while maintaining a consistent focus on his mining endeavors.

Career Beginnings in BusinessHerman Cain

During his tenure at Purdue, Cain concurrently held the position of a full-time ballistics analyst for the United States Department of the Navy. Upon the completion of his degree, he transitioned to the role of a computer systems analyst at Coca-Cola in Atlanta. Subsequently, Cain relocated to Minneapolis, where he assumed the role of director of business analysis in the restaurant and foods group at the Pillsbury Company. His career trajectory reached a significant milestone in the early 80s when he undertook the responsibility of managing and analyzing 400 Burger King locations in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Demonstrating notable success in this position, Cain was subsequently appointed as the president and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, a subsidiary of the Pillsbury Company. During his leadership tenure, he implemented strategic measures, including the closure of approximately 200 restaurants and the elimination of thousands of jobs, ultimately steering Godfather’s Pizza back to profitability.

Federal Reserve BankHerman Cain

From the onset of 1989 through the conclusion of 1991, Herman Cain assumed the role of chairman of the board at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Omaha Branch. Subsequently, in 1992, he transitioned to a position as a member of the board of directors for the overarching Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Between 1992 and 1994, Cain served as the deputy chairman before ascending to the role of chairman, a position he occupied until 1996.

Further Business CareerHerman Cain

Following his departure from Godfather’s Pizza in 1996, Cain relocated to the Washington, DC area and assumed the role of CEO at the National Restaurant Association. During his tenure, Cain engaged in extensive lobbying efforts on behalf of the association, fostering numerous connections with Republican politicians and lawmakers. Under his leadership, the Association actively opposed progressive initiatives, including advocating against the increase of the minimum wage and the implementation of smoking regulations. In addition to his political engagements, Cain served on the boards of directors for various prominent companies, including Nabisco, Whirlpool, and Reader’s Digest.

Political CareerHerman Cain

Cain expanded his involvement in political affairs beyond his lobbying endeavors. In 1996, he assumed the role of a senior economic adviser for Bob Dole’s presidential campaign. Just four years later, Cain briefly pursued the Republican presidential nomination himself. In 2004, he entered the race for the US Senate in Georgia, albeit losing in the primaries. Subsequently, Cain gained notoriety as a Tea Party activist, actively participating in numerous rallies associated with the group in 2010.

The following year, he formally declared his candidacy for the 2012 presidential election. One of the most prominent and controversial features of Cain’s campaign was his “9-9-9 Plan,” a novel tax proposal that aimed to shift a significant portion of the nation’s tax burden onto the working poor.Shortly after declaring his candidacy for the presidency, Cain faced allegations of sexual harassment from two women, referencing an incident that occurred during his time as the CEO of the National Restaurant Association. Subsequently, additional women stepped forward with similar accusations. As a consequence, Cain’s poll ratings experienced a notable decline, leading him to officially suspend his campaign in December 2011.

Media AppearancesHerman Cain

Between 2008 and 2011, Cain hosted his own talk radio program titled “The Herman Cain Show,” broadcast on Atlanta’s WSB. Following the conclusion of his show, he remained associated with WSB, delivering regular commentaries on contemporary issues. In early 2013, Cain assumed the hosting duties for Neal Boortz’s radio talk show on the Westwood One Radio Network, a role he maintained until its discontinuation in 2016. Concurrently, in 2013, Cain joined the Fox News Channel as a contributor.

Personal Life and DeathHerman Cain

In 1968, Herman Cain entered into matrimony with Gloria Etchison, a native of Atlanta. Their union brought forth two children, Melanie and Vincent.

Cain confronted a formidable health challenge in 2006 when he was diagnosed with colon cancer, which had metastasized to his liver. He underwent surgery and endured chemotherapy, ultimately achieving remission from the cancer.

However, the year 2020 marked a turning point in Cain’s health. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he attended a Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Notably, Cain was spotted at the event without a mask, engaging with others who were also maskless. Subsequently, Cain tested positive for COVID-19 and was hospitalized in Atlanta. Tragically, in July of that year, he succumbed to complications of the virus at the age of 74.

 Quick summary

  1. The article provides a comprehensive overview of Herman Cain’s life, career, and net worth. Cain, a prominent American entrepreneur and politician, had a net worth of $7 million at the time of his death in 2020. Renowned for his role as a Republican Presidential candidate in 2012, he held executive positions in major corporations, including Pillsbury, Burger King, and Godfather’s Pizza.
  2. The article details Cain’s early life, education, business career, involvement with the Federal Reserve Bank, political pursuits, media appearances, and personal life. Notably, Cain faced controversies, such as the “9-9-9 Plan” and allegations of sexual harassment during his presidential campaign. The article concludes with his tragic death in July 2020 due to COVID-19 complications, following his opposition to masking protocols.


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