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Here’s how Rick Leaves ‘The Walking Dead’: Recap Episode 9×05 ‘What Comes After’

Published on November 4th, 2018 | Updated on November 4th, 2018 | By FanFest

Caution: The following recap contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Episode 9×05 ‘What Comes After’.


Rick lies in a hospital bed.
Present Rick says “Wake up, it’s time to go.”
Helicopters fly over the building.
Rick feels his stomach, he is bleeding.

Coma Rick says “Wake up asshole.”

Present Rick jumps awake.

He screams. He is still stuck to the cement block.

The horse becomes nervous.
Rick unties his belt, uses rebar above him to lift himself off the rebar.

He crawls to the horse.
The horse runs from the herd. The herd follows.

An RV bellows down a dirt road.
Anne tries to start it. She bis frustrated and scream.
A Walkie talkie asks her to confirm her location and status of her “A”.
She says she’s 1.6 miles north of the junkyard. She says she has the A and its ready for pickup. He says if its a trick, there will be consequences.
She tells him she’s desperate.

Rick’s horse continues to walk from the herd. Rick holds his wound.
He mumbles that he’s leading them away.
He flashes back to Hershel’s farm, the car accident in the pilot episode, to the hospital bed.
The horse begins to go faster.


Maggie and Dianne on horseback, come across a walker.

Maggie takes it out brutally. “We can go now.” She says.

Rick’s horse continues clumsily. It runs out of the way of the herd. They come across a shack.
Rick gets off the horse and enters the house. He ties his wound with a cloth. He sits and sees dead bodies. He sees a deer head. He passes out.
Flash to Rick entering Atlanta on horseback. On the present horse, he comes across Shane. Shane tells him he looks like shit. Rick asks what this is as they look at the car wreck. They they the third suspect changed everything.
Rick says he’s looking for his family. Shane says he could argue its his family. He asks how his baby girl is doing. He says she has his eyes. He laughs.
Rick says she hasn’t got your nose.
They joke about each other being assholes. Shane says he takes full credit for that.
Rick says he didn’t want to do it. Shane says he’s glad he did.
Shane says he’s proud of the things he’s done. Red machete. Biting the chunk out of the throat. He tells Rick to find his rage.
Rick says he’s sorry.
Rick snaps out of it. The herd has entered the house. He fights for his life as they pile in on him. He crawls to the horse. He gets on and rides away.
Judith and Michonne are in the kitchen They talk about the shells they have.
Maggie has arrived. Judith smiles and say “Aunt Maggie”
Maggie walks down to the cell with a crowbar. Michonne stands in her way. Maggie tells her to move. She says it’s for Glenn. Michonne keeps blocking her. Michonne asks if he would want this?
Maggie says she doesn’t know what he would want. She asks if she had a child to raise alone because of him if she would want the same?
She says she can’t keep living like this.
Michonne cries, and says she can’t.

Michonne gives in. She hands Maggie the cell key.

Maggie enters the jail.
Negan laughs. She just gave up the keys, he says.
She tells Negan to get on his knees. Negan says he remembers her screaming in the clearing. He asks if she came for revenge. She says justice.
Negan graphically describes what he did to Glenn.

Negan tells her to kill him. She tells him to move into the light. He begs for her to kill him. She throws him out of the cell.

He says to kill him so he can be with his wife and Lucille. He says he has to be dead. It ha to be you, he says. He cries and says to not let him stay like this. Maggie tells him to get back in his cell.
“I came to kill Negan. You’re already worse than dead.” Maggie says.
It wasn’t supposed to be like this, he cries as he walks back into the cell.
Maggie locks it behind him and leaves.

Maggie exits and looks at Michonne. They don’t speak. Michonne look sat the clean crowbar in her hand.
Somebody runs and tells them that something’s up at the doors.

Rick continues on the horse. He flashes back to the barn with Sophia. To Hershel standing in a sunset. He puts his hand on Rick. They embrace. Rick says sorry about what’s happened to him and Maggie. He says she’s strong. Hershel tells him he doesn’t need to keep his family together or find them.
Rick says it hasn’t been easy to make the world better. Hershel says’ We’ll get there.”
You have to wake up Hershel says.
Flash to Rick on horseback. He passes out. The horse keeps walking.
Flash to Rick in the hospital. He walks through it to a door what says Open, Outside.
He appears in a huge pile of the dead. We see Daryl, Beth, Jesus, Maggie.
Sasha rises from the pile.
Rick says they’re all dead. Sasha says she knows. She says its okay. You did your part. She tells him. They gave us the strength that we needed to do what we have to do for the others. We changed each other. We help each other. We make each other better. She says.
It’s not about you or me, it’s about all of us. she says.

She tells him that he’s not going to find his family, because they’re not lost. She says he’s not lost. She tells him to wake up. He’s fallen off the horse. The horse runs away.
He’s at camp. Everyone is dead and turning.
He reaches for a gun nin the dirt and shoots incoming walkers.
A herd moves in fast and overtakes the camp.
He tries to get away and falls on the ground when he gets to the bridge.

Daryl, Michonne, Ezekiel, Carol, everyone runs to save him. Michonne says they’ll get him out. “It’s not over.” She tells him. “We don’t die.” She tells him she fell in love with him because he’s a fighter and that he doesn’t give up. Fight for all of us, she says. “You’re my family, I found you.” he says.

This isn’t real, he says. “Yes it is, now wake up.” Michonne says.
He wakes up. He limps to the bridge construction. He is bleeding heavily, soaked with blood.
The herd follows.
Water rushes below.
They walk over the bridge, it doesn’t give out.

A walker gets dangerously close to him. Daryl shoots it down. He shoots another. They go to turn them around. He tells them not to do it for him. There are too many. Everyone runs to help him.

He points his gun at the dynamite that they walkers and says he found his family.
He shoots. The bridge blows up. 
Michonne cries, as Maggie holds her back. Daryl cries and walks away. They clearly believe that Rick died in the explosion.

Anne sees the fire, and bodies in the sea. The helicopter hovers over her.

She sees Rick lying on a bank, injured but alive.

The helicopter takes Rick and Anne away.


Flash to 6 years in the future. A group fights off walkers nearby. They approach woods, where we see Judith standing with her dad’s gun and Carl’s hat. “I’m Judith.” She tells them.


So, here we are with a still alive Rick Grimes who has been swept off with Anne by helicopter. Do you think Rick will ever come back?


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