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Here Are The Top 5 Rick Grimes Moments On The Walking Dead! Andrew Lincoln Killed It!

Published on July 3rd, 2021 | Updated on July 3rd, 2021 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead was always Rick’s story. Until he blew up the bridge and flew away in a helicopter that is. Up until that though Rick was the undisputed badass of The Walking Dead. When it comes to his friends and family there is nothing Rick Grimes won’t do. He is ready to kick ass and take names. He’s also willing to bite throats, kill an entire city of Walkers, and throw down in public. Here’s a list of 5 of the best Rick Grimes moments. There are so many I might actually do another list sometime! For now, I hope you enjoy this one!

5. Rick Kills Sophia

I know what you’re thinking. “Alex, killing kids isn’t badass.” You’re right, in theory. It’s all the circumstances that force Rick to kill her that make this badass. I guess I also shouldn’t say kill since Sophia was already a walker. I’m sure you all remember the struggle, week after week wondering where Sophia was. Finding out she was in the barn was a shock. To me anyway, I’ve heard that smarter people figured it out pretty quick. Good job! Still, no one wants to do it. Rick, the badass that he is, steps up and makes the hard decision. He blows Sophia’s brains out and ends her undead existence.

4. Rick Taking Over Alexandria

Do you guys remember when Rick first arrived in Alexandria? He and his group weren’t exactly well-liked. People weren’t huge fans of this group of deranged people showing up in the idyllic city. Rick caused a scene in front of everyone, waving a gun around. These people didn’t even want Rick’s group to have guns! Idiots. Rick’s speech there was absolutely brilliant, too! Incredible. “You really think you’re gonna take this community from us? From Glenn? From Michonne? From Daryl? From me? Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?” he screamed at them. No, they were not taking this community back. Alexandria was definitely Rick’s.

3. Rick vs. The Walker Horde

During the season 6 midseason premiere, Carl was shot in the eye. It was a grievous wound and, honestly, it’s a miracle that Carl made it out at all. In all honesty, he probably should have been dead. While Carl was in surgery, yes surgery, Rick decided he couldn’t stand around doing nothing. He walked into a horde of about a billion walkers and just started killing them all by himself. He went crazy, I mean absolutely ape shit. It was something. He was so intense he actually inspired others to join him too. Together, they killed every single walker that invaded Alexandria. That was when they realized the dead weren’t dangerous. It’s the living they had to worry about.

2. “They’re Screwin’ With The Wrong People”

Most of the season this happened in was spent getting to Terminus. Once Rick and his group arrive though, it becomes obvious that Terminus isn’t quite the paradise they were hoping for. Instead of finding a new home for everyone they find a group of hungry cannibals. Terminus has been leading people there since the start of the apocalypse, just to keep themselves fed. Twisted, ain’t it? They herd Rick and his group through Terminus until they’re able to lock them all up. It turns out some of the others from Rick’s group are in there though, so he starts forming a plan.

“They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out,” Rick said, not even the least bit scared. “They’re screwin’ with the wrong people.”

1. Rick Grimes Takes A Bite Out Of Crime

This is by far the most amazing Rick Grimes moment of them all. This is Rick at his finest, ready to kick some ass. This is Rick when you messed with one of his people. Or when you try to do terrible things to his son. There was no way Rick was going to let that happen. To save Carl, Rick turns around and bites right into Joe’s throat, just to get himself a lil snack. This is my favorite Rick moment in the entire show!

I hope you enjoyed reading about Rick’s top 5 moments (in my opinion)! Make sure you catch the final season of The Walking Dead this August on AMC.

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