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Henry Cavill May Have Made Some Serious Enemies In Hollywood… He Unfollowed WB And DC!?

We can’t imagine how rough it must be to always be in the spotlight. Yes, when you’re a famous Hollywood actor you probably have millions of dollars and public adoration. The trade-off for that is a lack of privacy and Henry Cavill has certainly been in the spotlight lately. It seems like Henry Cavill may have made some serious enemies in Hollywood.

Henry Cavill May Have Made Some Serious Enemies In Hollywood... He Unfollowed WB And DC!?
CR: Warner Bros./DC

Henry Cavill’s birthday just recently passed, and on that same day is when news broke about the Superman reboot. Reports claim that WB is searching for black directors to direct the Superman film, while will not include Cavill. Instead, it is expected that a black actor will be portraying the next Man Of Steel.

This led to many fans being upset with the news breaking on the man’s birthday. Many felt like it was a complete sign of disrespect and took to social media to share their feelings. Henry Cavill was trending for most of the day, and a lot of it was really positive. It seems like Cavill has a lot of supporters and they love him as Superman.

All of their ire was directed at DC, instead. They really wanted DC and Warner Bros to know how upset they were. Neither has released any kind of statement at this time in regards to, well, anything but hopefully, they understand why people are upset. The DC films are kind of messy right now, and the future is unclear in terms of a shared universe.

Now, one insider is claiming that Cavill has made some enemies over the last few years. Insider Grace Randolph posted her opinions on Henry Cavill and everything else. Her statement was interesting, @And as for #HenryCavill unfollowing WB & DC today it’s hard to sympathize with the only main cast member who didn’t support the #SnyderCut back in Nov 2019 & who made a lot of enemies by not doing that #Shazam cameo, etc. I hope he learned from this, & gets cast as #JamesBond@”

So it would appear that there are hard feelings for his lack of support regarding the Snyder Cut. Also, that not doing the Shazam cameo has earned him some ire. There are no other details about where those hard feelings are coming from, but we hope they aren’t true. The situation surrounding the Snyder Cut was probably very complicated, and Cavill was just doing what he thought was best in all likelihood.

These claims that he has unfollowed WB and DC social media are not confirmed as of yet either. Some internet-savvy people are claiming he never followed them, to begin with, ha! If this is true it might possibly be a case of people freaking out for no reason. If anything official is announced we’ll make sure to update all of you!





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