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Heath Ledger’s Sister on ‘I Am Heath Ledger’ Documentary

Published on May 11th, 2017 | Updated on May 11th, 2017 | By FanFest

The documentary ‘I Am Ledger’ is just days away from it’s Spike TV debut and while fans are eagerly anticipating the film, Heath’s friends and family are pleased with the project, but also find it an emotional experience.

His sister, Kate Ledger, gave an interview about the documentary where she revealed a little bit about the footage, how she felt upon seeing it all put together the first time, and she even shared some sweet personal memories about their growing up together.

In the interview, Kate says the footage that we’ll see in the documentary wasn’t handed over by the family; but they did give their blessing. However, upon watching it for the first time, Kate says it was incredibly emotional and that she ‘screamed and cried through the entire first viewing’.

While painful, it was also cathartic and you have to credit Kate and her entire family for their strength and grace in losing Heath and then having parts of his very private life put together like this.

She also says it was, and is still, very difficult to watch Heath’s films but she has 13-year-old girls who want to see his work and it’s become easier on her to see the joy that they’re brought from seeing their uncle living out his dreams and passions.

As we said before, Heath threw himself into his characters and roles, never just playing a part in a film; he became the part. It’s something now that’s both a blessing but painful for those who love him to see. In fact, for some fans, it’s still hard to watch his films, and we never knew him as intimately as they did.

Kate also spoke about Michelle Williams giving her blessing to the documentary, she’s mentioned in the film along with their daughter, Matilda, but she didn’t need to be in the film herself. She didn’t need to have an interview. Kate says she’s beautifully represented and that it was a personal and private decision that the Ledgers were absolutely okay with.

Before wrapping up, an interviewer mentioned that Heath was a bit of a ‘chess nerd’ and Kate had a fond look upon her face as she spoke about his talent, how he was almost unbeatable, and that he was mere points away from becoming a chess master.

There’s also a sweet moment about how Heath went from wearing a batman outfit on a cruise as a child and going on to absolutely steal the show in The Dark Knight. Heath’s joker performance still gives us chills.

The documentary premieres on Spike on May 17th, and we’re looking forward to this look into his existence and into his craft. His presence is missed in the entertainment world, and by all of his fans immensely.

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