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HBO’s ‘Room 104’… Dare To Check In?

Published on November 29th, 2018 | Updated on November 29th, 2018 | By FanFest

Ever wonder what happens behind the doors of those roadside motel rooms? Wonder no more. Creators Jay and Mark Duplass give us a dramatic, humorous and oftentimes disturbing glimpse into the lives of those that bravely book a stay in Room 104. Each episode of the intriguing HBO anthology series explores a different genre that takes place inside a single room of a conventional New York motel. With writing that is imaginative and forceful, these tales will leave you with some pragmatic insight into the world that surrounds us.

“‘I’m just rushing things out, moving really quickly, trying to stay in my subconscious brain, and let everyone else’s smarts elevate it,’ he (Mark Duplass) tells EW of the scriptwriting process for this collaborative series.” Source: Entertainmnt Weekly

Room 104 pushes the boundaries of societal acceptance, I admire that. We sadly live in an era where everything we do and everything we feel is judged by those harboring their own angst. A show like Room 104 sheds light on the surreptitious thoughts and feelings that exist in all of us; our ethical unease abates as we are freed to accept ourselves without guilt, if only for a short time. While I admittedly cringed watching Season 2 episode 6, Hungry (no spoilers), I remained engrossed and allowed the story to feed my inquisitional appetite.

Room 104
Image: Jordin Althaus – Courtesy of HBO

Of course, Room 104 may not suit everyone, but it is nice to see that some top-notch industry names like Orlando Jones (Sleepy Hollow), Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water), James Van Der Beek (Varsity Blues), Rainn Wilson (The Office), Mary Mouser (Cobra Kai) and Natalie Morales (Parks and Recreation) are checking in! I look forward to future reservations.

From criminal to comedic, Room 104 encompasses all that we clandestinely crave. It’s a little bit Twilight Zone, a little bit Black Mirror, a little bit American Horror Story all packed into one cozy space.  Bravo to the Duplass brothers for bringing forth entertainment that stimulates our sordid curiosity. The only shame I feel is in not having discovered it sooner.

Be sure to check out Room 104 on HBO any time you like but just know that you might never leave. 😉


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