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HBO Max: A Huge Opportunity For DC Content According To Warner Bros!

Published on June 13th, 2021 | Updated on June 13th, 2021 | By FanFest

As we all know by now HBO Max has become the official home for DC content. This is a huge opportunity for DC content according to Warner Bros. This is awesome news for DC fans everywhere who were worried when the switchover initially happened.

A while ago, most DC content was on its own streaming service. DC Universe was advertised as the home for all DC content and fans. Honestly, it wasn’t terrible. It had comics and media content including some pretty rare stuff. Stuff like the pilot for the Aquaman series that never was.

Unfortunately, the streaming service might not have been doing too great. So it was turned into a comic service instead, just like Marvel Unlimited. This left a big problem though. What to do with all the video content on the service?

That’s when HBO Max swung in to save the day. Almost all of the DC content was migrated there, and the service even renewed some of the DC Universe originals. Titans, Harley Quinn, and Doom Patrol were all migrated over to HBO Max!

Warner Bros. Picture Group Chair Toby Emmerich spoke about their strategy for DC content going ahead. HBO Max is going to have exclusive shows and films coming to it sometime in the future. This is what Emmerich had to say in an interview with The L.A Times.

“HBO Max presents a huge opportunity for DC. It allows us to make high-quality mid-budget superhero movies that reintroduce lesser-known DC titles, while also crossing over stand-out characters from our bigger films into original series. Connecting the DC cinematic universe with Max gives our fans more ways to explore the DC multiverse and more chances to enjoy more great stories with these beloved characters.”

We already know some of those projects that will be coming forward. These include a Peacemaker show and a spin-off from The Batman starring Robert Pattinson. Rumors indicate that a Batgirl film is coming, as well as a Blue Beetle and Static Shock one.

HBO Max is a huge opportunity for DC content, and for DC fans too.



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