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Hawkeye Limited Series Starring Jeremy Renner Heading to Disney+

Published on April 14th, 2019 | Updated on April 14th, 2019 | By FanFest

Jeremy Renner has portrayed the character of Hawkeye since 2011 his unaccredited cameo in Thor. Audiences truly learned more about the character in the first Avengers film. An according to a Variety exclusive we will be seeing more of the character Renner has made famous the past seven years in a limited series for the Disney+ streaming service. The project centers around Clint Barton, Hawkeye, teaching a young protege to take on the mantle when he eventually leaves The Avengers much like the comics. What we know is that in the comics Kate Bishop is a member of the Young Avengers and is the character that inevitably takes over for Hawkeye.

Most fans have already speculated by footage in one of the Endgame trailers that Kate Bishop’s introduction will occur in the fourth installment of the Avenger franchise. The thought of even more females added to the team eventually has me pumped now that Marvel has realized the success of a solo film for its female characters. This could also lead to further spin off series on the streaming service as well. A part of me believes that the Young Avengers could have as big of a draw in theaters though as the Avengers we have watched for the past eleven years.

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While Disney and Marvel, alongside Renner’s reps, have declined to comment, the possibilities for future MCU films and new Avengers to join the team later are endless with these limited series releases. I imagine that while the streaming service will focus on many projects of popular film series, I also imagine that they will intertwine them with the movies. Eventually one will not be able to see a future Marvel film without viewing the television shows first. This would not be the first time this has occurred as Agents of Shield showcased storylines that first appeared in Captain America: Winter Solider.

However, the main goal behind this project could also be to test the waters on what shows perform the best for a solo film. After all, Hawkeye is not the only MCU character to receive the limited series treatment at Disney+. Other characters include Falcon, Winter Solider, Loki, Vision, and Scarlet Witch. I think the desire to build on all these characters are there, the service will have to home in on what truly works. A Young Avengers movie could build a whole new franchise and a a more in depth Winter Solider film is something I would love to watch. I also would not mind knowing more about War Machine either. He has been vastly under utilized since the first Iron Man installment. Let Don Cheadle shine on your streaming service if nothing else.

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For a Hawkeye series I except to see some behind the scenes look at his family like which was briefly hinted upon as well. I like the idea of getting to see Hawkeye as Clint. I do not know why but the thought of him stopping one of the children from having a bad snack by shooting an arrow through it brings me great joy. A glimpse of his personal life is one that each Marvel character goes through at one point or another so why not now. Why not this series? Although most of them do not have a wife and three kids this could be a unique look into the world of a superhero and the struggles of fighting crime as part of the The Avengers as well as a dad.

This could also lend itself to a relationship with Kate Bishop ultimately. A father-daughter bond would be a unique aspect to explore as well. This would make him want to keep her guarded more of course and ultimately lend itself to a storyline where she gets taken somehow and he blames himself for putting her in the line of fire even though she saves herself and him ninety percent of the time. The first time though could create an intense fight and build a future dynamic between the two as she inevitably proves to him that she can do just as much as he can or any other man for that matter. Hopefully some of my speculation can become reality as Disney+ continues to build a service that no one can possibly resist.

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Which series are you most looking forward to out of the ones mentioned? Let us know in the comments below.

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