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Harry Styles Chats Exclusively with The Sunday Times

Published on May 13th, 2017 | Updated on May 13th, 2017 | By FanFest

When one of the most popular bands in the world announces a hiatus, seemingly at a time in their career when they’re at the top, curiosity gets the best of fans and some non-fans around the world. This is especially true for the boys of One Direction. When they announced that they’d be taking time off to work on solo projects and enjoy life outside the band, rumors began spinning fast that drug use, animosity, and a slew of other less than stellar things were going on behind the scenes.

The truth is, the boys were tired, and they wanted to find out what they were capable of on their own. They also wanted to give fans, and themselves, a break. They didn’t want to run One Direction into the ground and exhaust themselves and their fans in the process. They also had things they wanted to say on their own, this is one of the things Harry Styles addressed in his interview with The Sunday Times recently.

‘At certain times you write songs where you just want to tell the whole story. Like, if you write a song that’s personal to you, it’s tough to hand that over to a band.

Harry continues to say that his album is more about him than anyone else. However, the general media continues to try to tie his songs to many women from his past. The only thing he gives to those rumors is the repeated notion that he isn’t a womanizer, despite what the press and magazines make up about him. He has denied dating women in the past, saying a lot of his friends are girls and people say he’s dating them all. Harry has had relationships, but they’re not anyone’s business but his.

There is another rumor that he is also due to play Mick Jagger in a biopic, which he says isn’t at all true. ‘I’ve honestly never heard anything about the film. I don’t even think it’s a thing.

Harry was also asked about his social media use, the fact that he’s got millions of followers but rarely uses platforms, and his response was sort of perfect. It’s a pretty easy to draw conclusion when you think about it plainly, but we’ve never exactly thought about it in these terms.

I heard someone once say, if Twitter was a house party and you knew that 30% of everyone there was amazing and everyone else in there was really horrible to each other, you just wouldn’t go.’

He also spoke about being younger and not exactly knowing what he wanted out of his future, but once he played a show on stage with his band, White Eskimo, he understood that feeling that he’d do anything to have again. He worked towards that and it turned into more than he ever expected.

I remember how nervous I was before, but then afterward that feeling about everyone watching you do something that you were enjoying really resonated with me. That adrenaline rush I like.

The adrenaline is something Harry still likes, but he also likes routine. So much so that he emails himself his ‘itinerary’ every night for the following day. Even, he says, if it’s as ‘boring’ as coffee at 9 am. ‘It’s easy to get lost’, Harry says. Don’t we know it.

For more of the exclusive interview, you can check out the website here.

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