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Harry Styles and James Corden Are Wonderful in #CarpookHarryoke

Published on May 19th, 2017 | Updated on May 19th, 2017 | By FanFest

Harry Styles’ residency with James Corden has come to an end and after a week of laughs, killer performances, and puns – we’re really going to miss seeing the two of them together. James and Harry have been pals for a long time now, and when James was announcing that Thursday was his last day on the show, he looked a bit emotional – and we were too.

However, they sent Harry off with a bang, and that bang was his insane performance of ‘Kiwi’ a sexy rock anthem, but before that, they paired up for Carpool Karaoke.

The pair started with ‘Sign of the Times’, an emotional song that makes Harry cry sometimes, but like, it’s a cool cry. James laughed, we did too, but everything Harry does is pretty cool. He could tie his shoes, even though he’s usually wearing boots, and make it cool. He could make a sandwich and make that cool. Heck, he even makes laundry cool.

Harry started next with ‘Sweet Creature’ and James joined in. The song is Anne, Harry’s mom’s favorite tune, and we have to agree with her. It’s sweet, it’s genuine, and it’s got this lovely little message that makes you sort of want to fall in love.

They talked about fashion next, and how Harry – again – makes anything look cool. He wore the type of sweater you wear at Christmas time in corny family pictures, a smooth sparkly gold shirt and a mesh vest (which he pulled off).

They sang ‘Endless Love’ after a conversation about karaoke, it’s Harry’s go to song. Then, they obviously got on the topic of romantic comedies. They also did two scenes from two romantic comedies; Notting Hill and Titanic – if you haven’t watched that part yet, go do it, it’s hilarious.

They wrapped with a performance of ‘Kiwi’ the song Harry would sing as his final on The Late Late Show later in the episode. The car jam was awesome but the performance on stage was otherworldly.

Did you catch Harry’s week-long live-in with James Corden? What was your favorite episode? Let us know.

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