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Harrison Ford Accidentally Punched Ryan Gosling in the Face

Published on September 17th, 2017 | Updated on September 18th, 2017 | By FanFest

Ryan Gosling may have told GQ that Harrison Ford punched him in the face while filming Blade Runner 2049 many months ago, but that didn’t stop the topic from being brought up again in press junkets for the upcoming blockbuster hit.

This time, Ford was talking about the incident and totally addressed it in the most ‘Harrison Ford’ way possible.Especially when he said Gosling’s job was to be out of range of his fist.

Ryan Gosling’s face was where it should not have been. His job was to be out of the range of the punch. My job was also to make sure that I pulled the punch. But we were moving, and the camera was moving, so I had to be aware of the angle to the camera to make the punch look good.’

He went on to say that the blame was most definitely Gosling’s fault, at least 90% of it was, and that he did make him a drink after – but he didn’t leave the whole bottle. It was just one punch, after all.

What — did he f—ing expect the whole bottle? You know, I figured one drink would fix it. That was enough.

We can’t imagine that Gosling was too put off by the experience,

Earlier this year, Gosling told EW that working with Ford was incredible for many reasons but the main is that, you find out all of the things you love most about him in his films are really him.

You hang out with him and you realize that all those iconic moments from his films that you love are his — like ‘I love you,’ ‘I know’ from Star Wars, or shooting the guy in Indiana Jones. He’s just like that all the time. Normally I’d say there are hundreds of ways to play any scene. Unless you work with Harrison and you realize there’s only one great way and he’s already figured it out.’

Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters on October 6th.


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