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Harley Quinn Is Going To Break The Internet

Harley Quinn was a huge success for DC Universe, the now shut-down streaming service. In a string of serious, moody DC shows Harley Quinn managed to stand out. The show was everything that the rest of the DC Universe shows was not. Harley Quinn was funny, well written, well-acted, and absolutely well animated. Also, it was the best representation of the relationship between Harley and Ivy I’ve ever seen. There was a big scare when DC Universe was shut down since we didn’t know what would happen to the show. Thankfully, the show was renewed for a third season on the HBO Max streaming service. Now, one of the showrunners claims that Harley has a look in season 3 that will break the internet. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Harley Quinn is going to break the internet. “I just saw a @shaneglines design for season 3 of @dcharleyquinn with Harley in a red carpet gown and it would break the Internet if I shared it. But I can’t. Which is killing me. And now you all must feel my pain! #Harlivy #HarleyQuinnSeason3,” is the exact quote from Patrick Schumacker, and I’ll put it below.

Harley Quinn season 3 actually started recording last month, which is amazing news. Hopefully, we’ll get a trailer soon because I can’t wait to see what this third season is going to bring us. Fans took to the comments to state their desire to see Ivy walking down that carpet beside her new girlfriend. Schumaker seemed to confirm this in a reply to a fan. This is just one of the numerous times that the showrunners of Harley Quinn have assured us that the pair would remain a couple heading into the third season.

Thank goodness for that right? Because wouldn’t it be weird to make them a couple, then break them up and pretend like their relationship never happened? Yeah. That would be pretty freaking dumb.

Oh well, I’ll just look forward to seeing Harley Quinn break the internet.


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