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Happy Mombie’s Day to The Walking Dead Moms

Published on May 14th, 2017 | Updated on May 15th, 2017 | By FanFest

‘I know it sucks and it’s scary but it’s time to be brave’

As mothers, that is one of our go-to phrases, or at least, a play on those words. Teaching kids to be brave is one of the best things that mothers can instill in their children from a young age. It just so happens that we were rewatching some episodes of The Walking Dead and heard Tara say that line and it got us thinking. This Mother’s Day we want to send a shout out to all of you Walking Dead moms out there.

When times get tough and things get scary, who do we call upon first? Our moms. When we are moms and our kids are anything from frightened to in need of a snack – we jump into action. It’s embedded within us, we are natural protectors. Those skills that we use in motherhood would make us perfect survivors in the apocalypse. No moms more so than Walking Dead moms.

We’ve watched, for 7 seasons now, our favorite characters come face to face with zombies, with pain and suffering, and with loss. We’ve seen them navigate it and silently – or not so silently at all – rooted them on from our own sofas. In some moments, we’ve caught ourselves sending them advice. Everything from: ‘No, just do this instead.’ to ‘Don’t go that way, it’s not safe’.

As Walking Dead moms, there are specific skills that make us the coolest moms ever (obviously) but also the savviest moms ever.

We know how to be stealthy. We all know loud noises are death sentences when it comes to zombies, but we’ve perfected being incredibly quiet. Like, when we put our little one down and sneak off to watch an hour of tv before bed. Or when we found that hidden candy bar and tore the wrapper off without a noise to be heard.

Not only have we dealt with our fair share of dirty diapers and sick kids, we’ve seen a man bash someone’s skull in with a baseball bat. We can totally take on the blood, gore, and stench of surviving the apocalypse.

Plus, there’s that whole ‘mombie’ reference which isn’t lost on us Walking Dead moms. We can run on days without sleep, no more nutrients than a cup of coffee (or a can of beans), and for those days where we can’t find a shower; we can rock a messy bun.

If that wasn’t all telling enough, let’s be honest here. We’ve already let another person feed off of us for months – and we survived that. Plus, that little person is thriving now, and we’re not doing too bad ourselves.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all you Walking Dead moms out there. There’s no one in this world like you. For your hard work and dedication to the Mombie life, here’s a small treat for you!

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