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Happy Birthday, Josh McDermitt and 10 “Unselfish” Eugene Moments

Published on June 4th, 2018 | Updated on June 4th, 2018 | By FanFest

Another birthday for our The Walking Dead family. Josh McDermitt is joining the 40 club and what better way to celebrate than to honor him with 10 of Eugene Porter’s “unselfish” moments.

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, then you are fully aware of Eugene’s need for self-preservation at all costs, but there have also been moments where he has put himself in danger to help others or someone else.

Here are 10 Unselfish Eugene Porter Moments.

# 10

Somebody’s Watching Me



Okay, Okay, this is a selfish Eugene moment, but I thought it was a classic moment and needed to include it on my list.

After sabotaging the bus on their way to Washington D.C., Eugene, Rosita, Abraham, Glenn, Maggie, and Tara seek refuge in an abandoned bookstore. Eugene helps himself in the self-help section to a peep show of Abraham and Rosita having sex.



Decoy to lure the Saviors away to save Maggie and Baby Rhee.


Gene Page/AMC

Fearing that Maggie may be having a miscarriage, the group decides to take her to the Hilltop. On their way, they run into Savior roadblocks at every turn. Eugene believes that they are only tracking the RV and not if they went on foot. He offers to drive the RV while they cut through the woods. Knowing that he may not make it out alive, he hands Rick the bullet recipe and has a moment with Abraham not knowing that this would be their final goodbye. RIP Abraham!



Helping Sasha

Gene Page/AMC


After being captured by the Saviors, Sasha fears that Negan will use her against Rick’s group in their planned attack. Desperate, she begs Eugene for a gun, knife, anything that will help her end everything. He later slips her the suicide pills he made for Negan’s wives. While Sasha is in the coffin, She takes the pills in hopes that she will be the one to kill Negan when he opens up the coffin.



Helping Father Gabriel and Dr. Carson


Gene Page/AMC

Although this plan went south, the intentions were good. Dr. Carson is tending to Father Gabriel who has become sick from the exposure to Walker guts. After not being able to sleep, Eugene drugs a Savior guard with a laxative and conveniently drops the keys to a truck for them to escape and get Dr, Carson back to the Hilltop to deliver Maggie’s baby.



Helps to save Alexandria Safe Zone

Gene Page/AMC

A horde breaks through the walls at ASZ after the Wolves attack. The community decides to band together to fight the intruding wakers, including Eugene who tells an opposing Rosita, ” No one gets to clock out today. And hell, this is a story people are gonna tell.”



Hosing off walkers


In season 5 and on their way to Washington D. C., Abraham, Rosita, Glenn, Maggie, Tara, and Eugene find an abandoned fire truck. While trying to start it up, they attract a small horde of walkers. Eugene plows them down, saving everyone, with the truck’s hose.



He admits to Negan that he was the bullet maker.

Gene Page/AMC

After Arat kills Olivia, Rosita fires a shot at Negan with the bullet she had Eugene make for her. She ends up hitting Lucille instead. Negan becomes furious and demands to know who made it. Both Rosita and Tara attempt to confess when Eugene finally admits he is the bullet maker.



Saving Tara…thrice

Gene Page/AMC









Throughout the show’s 8 seasons, Eugene and Tara have become close buddies. Tara has saved Eugene several times, but on three occasions, he was able to repay the favor. #1. After the bus crash, he kills a walker that attacks her. #2. Tara is severely injured. Eugene sees an opportunity to get her to safety, killing a few walkers on the way out.  #3 Refer to above moment where he admits to being the bullet maker.



Taking a bite out of Dwight.

Gene Page/AMC

Dwight kills Denise and is about to attack Daryl and Rosita. The Saviors have Eugene and make him kneel on the tracks. Eugene notices Abraham in the bushes and uses that information to distract the Saviors. He chomps Dwight’s junk. Rosita and Daryl join the fight and the Saviors retreat.



Exploding bullets

Gene Page/AMC


In the season 8 finale, the All Out War comes to a climatic end when most of the Saviors are wiped out after the ammunition Eugene had manufactured explodes in their faces. The Saviors lose the war. Eugene is finally back with the family he belongs to.

So, what do you think? Do you agree that Eugene is not always as selfish as he seems to be?

Join us in wishing Josh a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Josh!


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