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Happy Birthday, Austin Amelio!

Published on April 27th, 2018 | Updated on April 27th, 2018 | By FanFest

You get a birthday, you get a birthday, you get a birthday and YOU get a birthday! April was full of birthdays for some of our beloved Walking Dead cast members, past and present. Today, we celebrate one more. Austin Amelio joins the 30 club!

Austin was born in 1988 in, where else? Austin, Texas. He is an avid skateboard enthusiast and actor who began his career making a series of short films.

His film credits include Wind & Rain, Cabin Crew, Song to Song and Everybody Wants Some!

Fans know him best for his role as Dwight on AMC’s The Walking Dead. We first meet Dwight in season six when he and Sherry take Daryl’s bike after fleeing the Saviors. Sometime after that, they return to the Sanctuary. He begs Negan not to kill Sherry for her sister Tina’s actions. Sherry, in turn, offers herself to Negan as one of his wives to save Dwight’s life. Negan decides to burn Dwight’s face as punishment.

Gene Page/AMC

Dwight moves up in the Savior ranks but still holds resentment towards Negan in regards to Sherry. He later decides to help Rick’s group and becomes a spy for them by giving them intel of the Savior’s actions. At the end of season eight, Negan learns of Dwight’s betrayal but instead of killing him, keeps him as a prisoner.

In the season eight finale, he is released when Rick’s group wins the “All Out War” story arc. Thinking that Daryl is about to kill him, he apologizes for killing Denise and the things he did. Daryl lets him go with the warning that if he should ever return, he would kill him. He tells Dwight to make things right with Sherry. He returns to their home and finds that she has left him a note. He smiles knowing that she may still be alive.

If you don’t want to wait to see Austin in The Walking Dead’s ninth season, fans can catch him at various Walker Stalker/Fan Fest Conventions throughout the year.

Join us in wishing Austin a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Austin!


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