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Hanson Celebrates Their 25th Anniversary by Performing ‘MMMBop’ on Good Morning America with Special Guest Michael Rooker

Published on May 5th, 2017 | Updated on May 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

25 years ago this year, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a literal band of brothers was born.  In 1992, Issac (guitar, bass, vocals), Taylor (keyboards, piano, guitar, drums, vocals) and Zac (drums, piano, guitar, vocals) Hanson began making music together.  It wasn’t until 5 years later, in 1997, however, when the band finally caught the public’s attention thanks to their break out, ear worm of a hit, MMMBop. This little song became a massive hit and earned the brothers world wide fame.

Their first album, Middle of Nowhere, earned three Grammy nominations, paving the way to a successful career.  Despite some record label drama, the band has done extremely well, selling over 16 million records worldwide with 8 top 40 albums and 6 top 40 singles in the US, as well as 8 top 40 singles in the UK.  Their hit song, MMMBop went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and topped charts across the world.  Last month, actually, marked the 20th anniversary of the songs release.

A lot has changed in the 25 years since they became and band and in the 20 years since they released their first mega hit.  All three Hanson brothers are now fathers with little ones of their own but, one thing that will never change is that, they will always be asked to play that famous song!

Today, in celebration of their 25 years together as a band, and to cap off the show’s “Ultimate Mixtape” week, the brothers visited the set of Good Morning America in New York City and, of course, they performed the song that everyone wants to hear, MMMBop.

Before officially taking the GMA stage, however, Hanson warmed up backstage with a little help from a truly stellar super star, Michael Rooker.  The Hanson brother practiced their song, a capella, with Rooker giving the guys some pointers along the way.  Check out the video from GMA’s twitter page.

Finally, Hanson took the big stage and delivered a killer performance that is sure to please their fans.  Check out their GMA performance below:

Hanson is kicking off the “Middle of Everywhere Tour 25th Anniversary,” which starts in June and will be releasing a greatest hits album in September.  25 years ago.  Do you believe it?

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