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‘Halo’ Producer Teases Big Changes for Cortana on the Paramount Plus Series

Published on March 26th, 2022 | Updated on March 26th, 2022 | By FanFest

The appearance of Cortana in the Halo live-action series is one of several controversial modifications to the source video game franchise that has drawn a few feathers, but as far as 343 Industries’ game producers are concerned, all of these changes have enhanced the franchise, not harmed it.

In reality, Kiki Wolfkill just revealed that Cortana’s physical appearance will not always be limited to her current design, so fans should approach the adjustments with an open mind. Here’s what the 343 exec told in a new interview.

“It’s interesting because not unlike the dark underpinnings of the Spartan origins, Cortana’s origin has dark underpinnings to it,” she said. “You get a hint of that just in terms of the technological process of creating her at the end of episode 2. Yeah. I think in the show, you do get to see Cortana and Chief meeting, and you do get a different perspective on what it means for Cortana to be created to help John and to help the Master Chief because that’s her role in the games, and this is a little bit of a different perspective on that.”

Cortana, the AI companion in the Halo video game series, has had a number of personal struggles throughout the franchise’s history. The new Paramount Plus TV series appears to be taking a different approach when it comes to her relationship with Master Chief. Wolfkill added that learning where she came from will influence Cortana’s personality in the adaptation.

“And the hope is that seeing the motivations behind her creation, and seeing her relationship with Halsey, and seeing her relationship with the Master Chief, I think that we’ll end up in a … well, I don’t want to spoil anything, but the Chief and Cortana relationship is sacred. And there’s always, always been an interesting dynamic with Halsey and Cortana and Chief. And that was something that we really enjoyed exploring more on the show.”

We just finished watching the first episode of Halo on Paramount+, and it’s safe to say that the established Halo lore is being somewhat bent. Frankly, we’d be disappointed if the series was a 1:1 adaptation, so perhaps the only option here is to accept these minor changes and try to enjoy the show for what it’s worth.

In the following weeks, you may watch Halo on Paramount’s streaming service. On March 30, it will be there for a new episode!

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