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Halo: Episode 5 Recap: Titled ‘Reckoning’, Hears, ‘Cortana, I need a weapon!’

The most recent episode of Halo provides everything you could possibly want in a live-action adaptation of the Halo universe, and then some.

“Reckoning” is the shortest episode of Halo yet, with important implications for the story’s future. Dr. Halsey calls for the UNSC’s calvary after finding the second artifact, and they get to work excavating it out. John admonishes Kai for removing her emotional inhibitor pellet and grounds her because

Kwan is left alone on the bike, trying to free herself with her powers. She frees herself and waits for Sorren to return. The heroine knocks out the hero with a single punch, taking his weapon but sparing his life.

John discusses his experiences with Keyes, promising to confront his wife and discover the truth. We then learn that Keyes is aware of the conspiracy, but Halsey assures him and their commander that Cortana will be able to restrain Master Chief if necessary.

The alien device sends a signal to the Covenant and leads them straight to Eridanus. When John touches the object again, he learns that Halsey abducted him from his parents as a youngster. Cortana thwarts John’s attack by putting him out.

The Covenant launch their attack on the UNSC in full force, and Master Chief deploys the Silver Team to protect the relic. A fierce battle breaks out, during which John-117 demonstrates his deadly combat skills for a third time. In the episode’s final minutes, Master Chief sacrifices the item to save Kai, giving the Covenant an opportunity to steal

The aliens deploy a Jiralhanae, or Brute, for the first time in live action. Master Chief also utters his famous “I need a weapon!” phrase, which elicits screams from legions of fans. Episode 5, on the other hand, reaches a sad conclusion implying that the Spartans require their authoritarian pellets to function as expected.

Halo will continue next week on April 28 on Paramount Plus.

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