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Greg Nicotero, Scott Wilson, Yvette Nicole Brown and More Attend Universal Studios Walking Dead Attraction Opening

Published on June 29th, 2016 | Updated on June 29th, 2016 | By FanFest

Universal Studios Hollywood officially got zombified Tuesday, when 100 walkers horded its own pair of “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” doors.

The theme park hosted a Grand Opening Press Event for The Walking Dead Attraction, it’s newest walk-through maze attraction based on the hit show.

In attendance were Greg Nicotero (Executive Producer, Director of “The Walking Dead” and owner of KNB Efx), Kyla Kennedy (Mika Samuels), Ross Marquand (Aaron), Brighton Sharbino (Lizzie Samuels), Michael Traynor (Nicholas), Scott Wilson (Hershel Green), and Yvette Nicole Brown.

Greg Nictoero spoke at the event highlighting the work and excitement that have gone into making the attraction.

“After six years of working on ‘The Walking Dead,’ we have this great opportunity to take ‘The Walking Dead’ out of the studio, off the soundstage and into this amazing and truly one-of-a-kind attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. Guests can now come face-to-face with live and animatronic Walkers that are indiscernible from the Walkers from the show. It’s very exciting, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.” Nicotero said.

Universal Studios Hollywood partnered with Greg Nicotero and his team, along with AMC’s The Walking Dead team to develop prostethics and walkers for the attraction to make them as authentic as they look on the series. It also includes recognizable scenes and prop models from the show.

“‘The Walking Dead’ is a phenomenon that has successfully and consistently affected the psyche of viewers on a global basis since its debut,” said Larry Kurzweil, President of Universal Studios Hollywood.  “We’re taking its authenticity to the next level by collaborating with the show’s award-winning production team to create a thrilling, living representation of the series that can only be experienced at Universal Studios Hollywood.”

Universal tweeted some awesome photos of the attraction!

For more information visit Universal Hollywood’s website.

The attraction will begin running regularly to the public, all year round, on July 4th.

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