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Greg Nicotero (Possibly) Shares Peek at Season 8 of The Walking Dead

Published on May 30th, 2017 | Updated on May 30th, 2017 | By FanFest

Fans of The Walking Dead are always on the look out for some sneak peeks into what’s going to happen next. There are accounts on social media dedicated to posting information as soon as it’s made public, and sometimes, even before then. There are groups dedicated to unearthing any information about filming and storylines possible, and there are some who stop at nothing to be the one to ‘leak’ something huge.

Other fans just take the information as it comes and prefer to find things out as the season airs. Not everyone is huge on spoilers, we aren’t big fans of them ourselves, and we’re part of the internet that tries to avoid them. However, when a cast or crew member posts a photo or video on social media, we pay attention.

Sometimes, there are no hidden messages, no secret scenes, and nothing foreshadowing to be seen. Sometimes, they just like to post photos and clips of what they’re doing. From hanging out in their trailers to killing zombies, we’ve seen some behind the scenes looks into previous seasons that do nothing but give us a little something while we’re missing the cast.

Recently, Greg Nicotero took to Instagram with a video clip that many are saying is a sneak peek into season 8. While that is entirely possible, it’s nothing that gives anything away if so.

At least, not anything that we can make sense of right now. The video clip shows a walker in the woods, and after action being called, the walker begins moving. On the Director’s Card and on a tree in the scene, the words ‘Rabbit Season’ appear. This could mean a multitude of things, or, it could mean absolutely nothing at all. We won’t know until season 8 airs but in the mean time, it was nice to get a closer look at one of the zombies they create.

So much goes into the series as a whole, but when we get these clips and photos of the walkers without the hustle and bustle of an episode happening too, we really get to take in all that goes into making ‘the undead’.

Did you see Greg’s clip? Do you think it has something to do with season 8 or could he have just come off of a Looney Tunes binge? Let us know!


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