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Greg Nicotero: Is there a Carol/ Ezekiel Romance Blooming?

Published on November 8th, 2016 | Updated on November 8th, 2016 | By FanFest

After the brutality of the season opener, last night’s episode The Well, was welcomed with much relief. It was actually comical too.

We were introduced to a new character, King Ezekiel, and to a new place, the kingdom. They were welcoming to Morgan and Carol, despite Carol’a immediate skepticism. So she laid on the act.

“I don’t know what the hell’s going on in the most wonderful way.” – Carol Peletier

King Ezekial, being the intelligent man he is, saw right through her. He did community theater. He knows an act when he sees one!

But then again- so does Carol. She honed in on his king act and he had to admit to her that it was all, indeed, an act.

Greg Nicotero, executive producer/ director, explains further Ezekiel’s facade in an interview with

“For me, that sequence with Carol and Ezekiel — that’s the heart of the episode, because the tone of his voice changes and he’s not The Man That’s On Stage anymore. He even says, “Listen, I do this for the people. They need something to believe in. Yeah, it’s a little ridiculous, but, you know what? When people heard that I had a tiger and I realized I had a role that I could play that could help people, that was my job.” I love the idea of him knowing that there are people out there that are like, ‘This guy’s got a tiger. If he’s got a tiger, he’s gotta be a badass.'”- Nicotero.

But enough about Ezekiel, we want to know the good stuff! I am NOT calling spoilers here because the comics have been out for a while. But Michonne and Ezekiel eventually become romantically involved in the comics and well, in the show, she is most likely not because of, well, Rick. So we (I) want to know if Carol will possibly take over that role. I mean at the end of the episode, I definitely think I felt a little spark.

“I think he admires her and respects her and I think she admires and respects him as well. Because he gets her and she understands what he’s trying to do. She thinks it’s a little ridiculous what he’s doing, but there’s respect. She’s like, “Listen, you’ve got a community here of people and they’re clearly not being murdered and not being torn to pieces by the living dead.” So she respects that he’s got something going, but she’s still wounded and she’s still like, “Listen I can’t be here. You have to just understand that.” He’s like, “Well, you know what, I’ll make a deal with you.” And that’s why she ends up at the cottage…The fact that Ezekiel shows up at the end, to me, it’s just a sort of a peace offering. “- Nicotero.

Well that doesn’t answer my question, but it does mean that Carol might stick around for bit longer before running away again. Fingers crossed!

I guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out if a Ezekarol or Cariel happen. I hope she’s not allergic to cats- that would probably be a deal breaker.



Would Carol and Ezekiel make a great couple?


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