‘Grease’ is Getting a Prequel Entitled ‘Summer Loving’

Summer loving had me a blast. Summer loving happened so fast. I met a girl crazy for me. Met a boy cute as can be.

These lyrics have captured multiple generations and continues to do so with each re-release or reincarnation of one film. Grease. The story has been viewed on Broadway many times over and the live version which aired on FOX was watched by 12.2 million people. According to The Wrap, the live version almost takes the top spot out of all the live incarnations to air on various networks since The Sound of Music.

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What really happened that summer between Danny and Sandy? That is a question that will be answered when Aladdin screenwriter John August finishes his prequel to the hit 1978 musical Grease. The song “Summer Nights” provides two very different perspectives of the events that took place between Danny and Sandy the summer before returning to Rydell High. In Sandy’s eyes she shared an innocent summer with a dreamboat. In Danny’s eyes he shared a rather risque summer with someone abroad.

I’m hoping the film lets us discover whose lyrics are true, but something tells me that Danny might have exaggerated the events to his friends. After all, Danny and Sandy came from two very different worlds. Plus so-called locker room talk is viewed more in films among men than women. Regardless though the story stands to make for an interesting prequel, but one must wonder if the lack of the supporting cast fans have also grown to love over the years will cause the film to flounder.

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A simple love story with characters audiences already admire could be what everyone needs currently. In fact, this could be what some people have wanted since viewing the film in 1978. I for one am wondering where the drama could occur between them outside of Sandy going back home. Maybe one of them did not show up for a meeting that the two were supposed to have though or other generalization teenage drama ultimately ending with the two of them promising not to forget one another.

What this prequel could do is provide us with two unknown stars to bring Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson to life. This could also be the opportunity to cast Sabrina Carpentar as our lead and remain somewhat in the age range of the characters. They could also possibly cast someone like Shawn Mendes as Danny Zuko. This is of course if the prequel is a musical these respective singers could be utilized as these two high school students who fell in love.

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When one considers the statistics surrounding the global box office earnings of Grease over the years. Through the re-releases and remakes, Grease has earned $400M over the years. Grease Live even won five Emmys out of the nine it was nominated for at the 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards. In addition, the original soundtrack has sold over 38M copies and even the sequel, which did not fair well at the box office once upon a time, made over $15M at the time.

If these statistics mean anything it means that fans have let Hollywood know that Grease is still the word.

Is there anyone you think would make a great Sandy or Danny?  Is this prequel something you feel is necessary? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Deadline

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