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Grab your Superhero Pajamas as Chris Evans is set to read a CBeebies Bedtime Story

Published on April 25th, 2017 | Updated on April 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

Chris Evans is a real life superhero; he’s famous without the ‘Hollywood stigma’ surrounding his persona. Instead, he uses his circumstance to make the lives of those around him better and does so with a smile. Even in battling his own anxiety, he took on the role of a lifetime and became an idol to people all around the world. He’s also played characters from a hopeless romantic boy next door to an uncle that gave it all up to take care of his niece, and executed them perfectly.

His newest role comes in the form of Chris playing, well, himself as he reads a CBeebies bedtime story. If the Cbeebies bedtime story rings a bell, it’s likely because of the success of Tom Hardy reading ‘You Must Bring A Hat’. If you haven’t seen it yet, we advise you check it out as soon as you can. There’s even a cuddly dog in Tom’s lap, wearing a hat. It’s perfect.

Chris will be reading ‘Even Superheroes Have Bad Days’ and the premiere of his bedtime story is set for May 10th. The promo photo shows Chris sat next to stuffed animals dressed as superheroes and the book talks about dealing with your feelings as someone larger than life would do. Obviously, the book is a perfect fit for Captain America.

So, on May 10th, grab your superhero pajamas and that cape that you know is hanging in your closet, waiting to be worn, and curl up as Chris reads you a story to help you get ready for bed. Although, it might be hard to focus on actually getting to sleep because, well, it’s Chris Evans.

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