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‘Gotham’ Recap: ‘That’s Entertainment’

Good day, fellow Gothamites! Last week we left off in a fight between Jerome and Jeremiah, Jerome’s twin brother that was shipped off by the uncle to a school so that he could escape the circus life.

'Gotham' Recap: 'That's Entertainment'
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Bruce Wayne
At the Wayne mansion, Bruce gets called into the garage, and Alfred surprises him for his birthday. Alfred takes Bruce down memory lane and talks about his 7th birthday, where he was going to build a secret place for his wagon that he got for his birthday. The key that Bruce got is from a fancy, bulletproof car right behind him. Is this Batmobile 1.0?


At the precinct
An anonymous tip leads them to the Gotham Music Festival. There he is, Jerome himself, dancing between the girls, like the showman he is. Jerome kills off the lead vocalist with his microphone stand and calls his Legion of Horribles on the stage. Jerome brings out four people he kidnapped at the meeting. They all get a fancy collar, with blinking lights. Jerome is going to give one spectacular show, just to lure in Gordon. When he gets there, Gordon isn’t doing well, as he calls Jerome and his Legion terrorists. When Gordon wants to take a step closer, Firefly, aka Jerome’s firewall, uses her gun to- well, make a wall of fire. Jerome has two empty shares and makes Gordon guess who the guests are that should be sitting there Jeremiah, and Bruce Wayne.

This moment in the episode made me think of The Dark Knight, where the Joker said to Batman ‘you need me.’ He said that the one wouldn’t exist if the other didn’t exist. I think this is happening right here. The detective and Lucius Fox end up at the Wayne mansion, and Gordon cuts right to the chase. They need Bruce’s help. But, of course, knowing Jerome, he has other plans ready that made this one useless. Plus, he has the two hostages he wanted. Jerome goes on and tells a story from in the circus and says that Jeremiah is as crazy as he is. Things move very fast once Gordon knows that the laughing gas chemicals are on their way to the festival. Jim finds Jerome at the top of the building, standing at the edge, holding his bleeding shoulder. The thing that shocked me the most is when Gordon decided to shoot Jerome, which made him fall off of the building. But, he’s hanging from a pole in the building. Gordon has two choices, let him fall to his death, or save him, lock him up, just so that he can escape again. But when Gordon wants to pull him up, Jerome pulls his arm away again.

“I’m more than a man, I’m an idea, a philosophy, and I will live on in the shadows, within Gotham’s discontent.” – Jerome Valeska.

Was this a reference to Suicide Squad? I LOVED they gave him a quote like that; it’s the Joker we love and know. He falls to his death after the quote. Who stays dead in Gotham anyway? He’s already been dead

'Gotham' Recap: 'That's Entertainment'
©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

twice in 4 seasons. Do you think that will stop him? I don’t think so. When Jeremiah gets back to his bunker house, he finds a present. It should already be a warning sign. He opened the package, and laughing gas comes out of it. He hears the voice of his brother and THAT how the Joker didn’t die. It is a very Jack Nicholson-y look to the Joker. I’m sure he will be up to no good in no time.


What did you think of the episode? Do you think Jeremiah will fall into his brother’s footsteps? I like what they are doing with this season. Gotham is finally getting the villains it deserves.

Gotham’s next episode will air on Thursday night on FOX.