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Gotham Recap ‘Queen Takes Knight’

Published on December 8th, 2017 | Updated on December 8th, 2017 | By FanFest

What’s up Gothamites! Welcome to a new recap of this week’s episode of Gotham. It’s been one hell of a ride, and this episode of the fall-finale is the proof of it.

This weeks episode started right where we left off last week in Penguin’s mansion where the Gotham City Sirens take down Penguin’s men. Together with Sophia Falcone, of course. And they make sure that everyone knows they’re looking for Penguin.

In other news of this episode, Carmine Falcone is back in Gotham and daddy dear is not happy about his daughter. He is telling Sophia off and tells her she wasn’t ready to come back to Gotham. What the shocking moment was in this scene, was that Penguin came out of nowhere on Carmine’s side. Carmine Falcone made a deal with Penguin that Carmine would take his daughter out of Gotham and she would live.

The peace is shortlived when a van pulls up to the Falcone mansion and starts shooting everyone in sight. Carmine gets shot beside his men, and of course, Sophia gets hit along the way.
But, she’s not the one that died on the spot as she saw her father lay lifeless on the ground in front of her.

Victor Zsasz seems somewhat emotional with Carmine’s death. What does this mean? He lays a bullet to rest with Carmine in the casket.

Penguin then goes make a scene at the GCPD and requests that someone brings him, Sophia Falcone. What he didn’t know is that Sophia gets the protection of the GCPD and Penguin can’t buy anyone. It’s the moment that the GCPD looks up at Jim Gordon as their Captain and they take action against Penguin’s men and Penguin himself. Jim Gordon and his men fall in Penguin’s club and charge him with the murder of Martine. When Penguin starts to giggle and asks Victor exactly where Martine is, Victor lies and says Penguin blew Martine up in the car, which is shocking. Penguin wasn’t expecting the betrayal from his right-hand man. Victor is even willing to testify for that.

Victor’s betrayal can only mean one thing; Sophia Falcone. But, also Sophia Falcone did a double turn. Professor Pyg is right next to her, aiming a gun at Jim Gordon. They worked together all along, and Pyg even shot Sophia not to raise any suspicion.

We get to see more of the Bruce Wayne we know in this episode. Alfred gets called by the police and finds him in bed with two models. Alfred even tries to send him off to Switzerland so that Bruce has the time to focus on who he is instead of partying the days away. But, for Bruce, this is all about forgetting his pain, and he does not want to lose the joy he gets of partying. A fight breaks out between the two, and you can see that Bruce has a lot of anger. Anger that he cannot control. But, enough is enough, Alfred lands a hit to his face, and Bruce walks out angry.

In other good news, we finally get to see The Riddler. Buuuut, Edward does not seem happy about his different personality coming out. And being in love with Lee Thompkins?

It was one hell of a mid-season finale! Alfred is out of the picture thanks to Bruce, Jim Gordon is under Sophia’s touch. The Riddler is trying to break out of Edward and Grundy is back to being Butch. Plus, Penguin is again in Arkham Asylum where it all started for him. And his great pal Jerome is right beside him!

We look forward to seeing Gotham come back. And you? Did you enjoy this episode? What did you think about the last minute reveal?


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