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‘Gotham’ Recap ‘Mad City: Time Bomb’

Published on November 23rd, 2016 | Updated on November 23rd, 2016 | By FanFest

As we join Lee, Mario, and Carmine at dinner, we are reminded that Captain Barnes is in Arkham due to the results of being poisoned from Alice’s blood.  As they are leaving, the valet parking attendant goes to get their car.  As he starts it, the car explodes! With this now turning into a crime scene, Jim sees Lee sitting with Mario at the ambulance.  Before he can go talk to her, Carmine pulls him aside to make sure Jim will get to the bottom of this.

At a meeting Oswald is holding with the 5 families, Barbra comes in wanting to know where Butch and Tabitha have been taken to.  As she pulls a gun on them wanting answers, they pull guns on her.  Barb believes that Oswald is the one behind it.  Of course we know that it is Edward and Oswald would never give him up.  He calls Edward to give him the heads up that Barb is looking for Butch and Tabitha.  This doesn’t matter to Ed.  He has them tied up to chairs and gagged.  Butch is hooked up to a machine that electrocutes him.  Butch believes that Edward has them because of Penguin.  It has nothing to do with him, it’s all because Butch killed Isabella.  Butch has no idea what Ed is talking about.  Since Ed thinks he is playing dumb, he shocks him to show him he is not messing around.

Back at the police station, Jim and Harvey are discussing the Falcon car being blown up.  Jim has reason so believe that Mario is involved in something and wants to figure it out.  Fox brings papers in of the investigation.  This leads them to head off to find a man called Fuse.  They head off to look for him at his apartment.  At his place, Fuse is no where to be found.  Jim and Harvey have a look around when Jim realizes that the sheets are not tucked in on the bed.  He looks under the bed to find papers.  They realizes that Carmine is not the target, but Mario is.  At the hospital there are two people on a motorcycle after Mario.  Jim shows up and fires shot at the riders.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX

At Wayne manor, Selina, Bruce are sitting in the kitchen eating, while Bruce is researching the key they found.  Alfred takes breakfast out to Ivy in the greenhouse.  She has Alfred smell her perfume.  The perfume puts him under a spell and she uses it to her advantage.  She asks him, “how do you turn off the alarm.”

Mario is at the station with Jim.  Jim keeps saying how he wants to keep Mario safe, but Mario does not want to listen to him.  Jim instructs Harvey to keep an eye on him.

Barbra goes over to Oswald’s to have a chat with him.  Since he is not home, she talks to his maid to find out some information.  She doesn’t want to tell Barbra anything until Barb offers up her ring the maid is eyeing up.  The maid tells Barb some useful information.

While shocking Butch, Edward threatens Tabitha.  Butch wants him to leave her out of this, but he can’t.  He needs to break Butch’s heart.  She’s the easiest way to do that.

Selina heads into the study to see Bruce.  She has the key in a mixture to clean in off.  While she is trying to talk to Bruce about what is going on with them, he pretty much ignores it and wants to see the key.  She pulls it out of the cleaning solution to reveal a bird on it.  Not just any bird, but an owl.  They head out to the greenhouse to tell Alfred about their findings when they notice Ivy is missing.  They receive a phone call by a man letting them know he has their friend.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX

With Bruce and Selina arriving at the location to find Ivy, Alfred informs them that they have to go down a manhole in order to find her.  These people want the key, and that’s all they care about.  Bruce wants to speak with Kathrine.  These people don’t work with the Court of Owls, they work to destroy them.

Jim informs Carmine that the people are after Mario.  Carmine doesn’t want to believe that Mario could be mixed up with anything.  While they are talking, Harvey calls Jim letting him know that he is gone.  Mario doesn’t trust the GCPD to take care of anything, so he is going to take care of it himself.

Back with Edward, he has some oddly small guillotine.  We find out that this is to be used to cut off Tabitha’s hand.  She has the choice of either loosing her hand or killing Butch.  Which one will it be?

Image: FOX
Image: FOX


Volk is a member of the Whisper Gang.  This gang once worked with the Owls, but the Owls had betrayed them.  Bruce wants to know what the key opens.  Volk tells him that it opens a safe.  There are not one, but two keys.  Bruce wants in.  He wants to know why the Owls killed his parents.

Jim find Mario.  All Mario wants to do is protect Lee.  Men show up to attack Mario.  After Mario strangles a guy but snaps out of before killing the man, you have to wonder if Alice’s blood is involved.

Dun dun dun……Hand or Butch.  Tabitha admits she is not in love with Butch.  Now that Butch has nothing to hide, he tells Ed that he did kill Isabella.  He shot her…..wait a minute…… Tabitha drops the trigger and lets her hand get chopped off.


Edward realizes what Butch said.  In the mean time, Tabitha passes out from the loss of blood. Butch was telling the truth from the beginning.  Ed is in shock.  As Barbara walks in Edward tells her “I’d put that hand on some ice.”

The man Mario had put in handcuffs in now at the GCPD being questioned.  Carmine questions the man, but gets nothing out of him.  While Carmine is questioning the man, Jim tells Mario that she deserves to know what is going on.  If he doesn’t tell her, Jim sure will.   Back in the questioning room, Carmine is cutting out the mans tooth.  On the tooth is a picture of an owl.  The same one that was on the key.  Jim and Harvey find Carmine in the room with the man and he advises them to let it go.



Barbra, Tabitha, and Butch are walking in the ER with Tab’s hand in a bag of ice.  After trying to understand why Ed had taken Butch and Tabitha, it all made sense.  Barbra has figured out that Oswald is in love with Edward.  They have no need to go to war, they just need to start it.

Carmine and Kathrine are having a little chat in her car.  He wants to know why they are after Mario.  Because he’s not getting the answers he wants, in informs her that Gotham will burn.  There are a great many things that Kathrine is not telling him.  With that, he exits the car.

Jim is sitting down at his apartment when he hears a knock at the door.  To his surprise Lee is there.  She was on her way to the rehearsal dinner when she found herself telling the cab driver Jim’s address.  He finally tells her that he missed his chance to make her happy.  He wants her to have that happiness more than anything.  Lee thinks they keep running in circles.  Maybe it’s because they haven’t had a proper goodbye.  She kisses him and says goodbye as she leaves.  Outside of the apartment, Mario find Lee leaving and getting in the cab.  Punks of the street keep saying things to him in the back ground.  He doesn’t hear them.  All he hears is “she loves him, she loves him” in his head.  The punks tap him on the shoulder and he grabs the one by the neck.  The rage sets in and he makes it known “SHE LOVES ME!”

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