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‘Gotham’ Recap ‘Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies’

Published on January 31st, 2017 | Updated on February 3rd, 2017 | By FanFest

With this being Gotham’s winter finale (which I am completely bummed about) they sure did deliver.  Jerome was perfect and made me truly believe he was becoming the Joker.  So much to get into for this episode.

After Jerome shut down the power through Gotham, criminals are everywhere causing mayhem.  Left and right they are being brought into the station.  With now destruction being causes within the station.  A ball of fire was thrown through the window to light the table on fire.  All down hill from here.

We last left Oswald looking for Edward.  He finds him at Cane Chemicals.  Ed shows up alone.  Edward asks Oswald if there is anyone else with him.  When he is told ‘no,’ Ed shoots the body guards Oswald has with him.  Ed reveals his whole plan to Oswald.  After he had killed Isabella, Oswald had no chance of staying alive.  Ed wants to take everything from him.  The only thing he has left, is his own life, and that ends tonight.

While the Court of Owls watches over Gotham, it continues to be a complete mess with the power still out.  The lights have no sign of coming back on until possibly the next day.  Harvey mentions that Cobblepot is missing, which is not making the people of Gotham feel any better.  Jim wants to find Jerome. He heads off to find Lee so he can figure out if there are any clues to finding where he may be.

While chaining Oswald up to a car, Edward tells him all about how Oswald never saw his father.  It was a man he had met in Indian Hill.  Oswald tells Ed that he forgives him for everything he did.  That’s not an excuse to him.  He finally confesses to killing Isabella.  He thought Ed would be happy.  Mainly because he believes Edward would have killed her in the end.  They will never know now, will they?  Oswald tells him that he did it because he loves him.  Though if that was the case, Edward believes he would have made a sacrifice to let him be happy with her.  Hanging above Oswald is a highly corrosive acid.  Only thing holding the chain together is a block of ice.  When the ice melts, the chain will release the acid, pouring it on Oswald.  Ed leaves Oswald there saying goodbye.

Lee is in the station caring for an officer.  Jim wants to talk to her, and of course she snaps at him.  After calming down for a minute she tells Jim about the talk Jerome and her had.  The last thing Jerome could remember was wanting to kill Bruce.  Jim right away heads to the manor.  He tells Lee to call Alfred and warn them.  The phone rings at the manor and Alfred doesn’t answer it.  Just then, Jerome breaks in.

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Jerome and his clan of people have Alfred and Bruce held in the manor.  While his people go through the house destroying things.  One of his goons has the crystal owl.  Jerome can see that Bruce tenses up when he has it.  Bruce tries to play it off that it’s nothing important, just something from his father.  Jerome drops it, but it doesn’t break. So he throws it behind him when it shatters.  Jerome tells Bruce that he is going to kill him.  Bruce tries to play it as cool a possible telling him that he is disappointed in killing at the manor without an audience.  Killing Bruce Wayne should mean something.  With Bruce telling him this, Jerome just thinks he is trying to buy himself time.  Bruce tells him that he needs to kill him in front of an audience.  Jerome agrees to doing go and tells his people to kill Alfred while he takes Bruce away.

Oswald is freaking out as he watches the ice melt and the acid starting to splash on the car.  A police officer walks in.  He keeps questioning him before he does anything.  After Oswald tells him he is the mayor, he cuts him free just in time.

Jim shows up to the manor.  While listening to Alfred try and distract the goons, Jim comes in and shoots them.  Alfred fights off one of them and ends up stabbing him with the machete that he had.  They head off to try and find Bruce.

At the circus that Jerome takes Bruce to we see people being tortured.  There is a wack-a-mole.  Instead of it being a game with fake moles in it, it has people popping up and down.  Jerome looks at Bruce and asks him “wanna have some fun before the main event?”

Back at the station, Alfred is hanging with Jim holding an ice pack to his head.  After doing some research, Harvey gives a list of possible locations where they may be.  As soon as he mentions ‘Boardwalk Circus’ Jim right away knows that’s where they would be.

At the circus, Bruce is getting his face painted like a clown.  Jerome kills the face painter and takes some of his blood to make a sad face on Bruce.  You can tell this freaks Bruce out.

Back at the Penguins place, Tabitha and Butch show up.  Tabitha uses her whip on him to keep him where he is.  Butch holds a gun to him, but Tabitha reminds him that they can’t kill him until they find Ed.  Tabitha is being the tough one out of the both of them.  Maybe Butch still have a soft spot for Oswald.

At the circus there is a balloon popping game.  Instead of actually throwing the darts at balloons, they are throwing them at the attendant working the game.  Jerome is walking Bruce around showing him the place.  It’s made to be for people who want someone to tell them to do something.  Such as a husband who wants to stab his wife.  Jerome decides to play a game of ‘Drop A Punk.’ Before he can even play Bruce distracts him.  He wants to know what the point of this all is.  Jerome responds by telling him that it is where average people can show their true faces.  Bruce is trying to convince him that there is still good left in people but Jerome can’t believe that.  Jerome goes and pushes the button on the tank dropping the man in the tank.  Jerome staples some of his face back on, and ends up stapling Bruce’s arm.  It hurts him way more than he anticipated, which makes Jerome feel some power.  On to the main event! Jim, Harvey, and Alfred show up but hang back to see what they have planned.  Jerome is the ringleader of this whole circus.  With the show about to begin, they bring Bruce out cuffed to a pole.  To make it exciting, the pull a cannon up to shoot at Bruce.  Jerome really wants to Bruce to go out with a “BANG!”

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As Jerome adds in the cannon ball, he also adds in knives and other sharp items.  To save himself, Bruce pulls one of the staples out of his arm in order to pick the lock.  Jim breaks up the commotion going on and the GCPD comes in as well.  Jerome lights the fuse and runs off.  Having panic set in, Bruce tries to pick at the lock faster which causes him to drop the staple.  He quick pulls out the other staple and continues to pick the lock.  He’s in luck! He gets the cuffs open and runs off.  Jim and Alfred hear the cannon go off.  When they look around to find Bruce, he is gone.  They split up to find him.

Oswald is at Barbs talking to her about the plan.  Oswald tells him he doesn’t need Ed anymore and that he’s done being selfish.  They let him know that they will kill him if he doesn’t find Ed.

Bruce goes into the house of mirrors.  Jerome spots him and follows him in.  While in the house Jerome sees a reflection of Bruce and shoots at it.  Bruce tells him that he wanted him to follow him.  He didn’t plan on hiding.

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Barb makes a new plan.  But she knows that Ed is not stupid enough to fall for it.  They keep telling Oswald to give up Ed if he wants to save his own behind.  Even though Oswald should want him dead, he does not. He’s ready to sacrifice is own life now.  Ed hearing this comes out and can’t understand why he all of a sudden would change.  He wanted him to die.  He knows Oswald is not capable of loving another.

Back at the mirror house, Jerome is enjoying this hunt way too much.  To make it equal, in hopes that Bruce will show himself, Jerome slides the gun on the floor.  Right then Bruce jumps on his back and tackles him to the ground.  As they fight, Bruce keeps punching him.  He picks up a shard of glass and holds it to Jerome’s neck.  Jerome keeps egging him on to kill him.  When Bruce looks in the mirror it’s like he doesn’t recognize himself.  He puts the glass down and walks away.  With the mayhem still going on outside, Bruce sees Alfred and is extremely happy to know he is still alive.  Jerome comes hobbling out of the mirror house.  Jim punches him in the face and his face ends up falling off.  Gross!

Jerome is arrested and once his face is attached, he will be sent to Arkham.  Makes me wonder if that is even a good idea.  With everything going on, Harvey takes Jim out to breakfast.

After the fight with Jerome, Bruce is being bandaged up at the manor by Alfred.  You can tell in his face, this fight has changed him.  Alfred tells him that he is proud of him, for the man that he has become.  Bruce was able to control his anger.  The idea of killing to him felt right at first, but justice felt even better.  There is a fine line between justice and vengeance.  Alfred is ready to continue Bruce’s training.  Alfred makes it known to him that he has rules that he will not be able to break.  Bruce’s first rule, “I will not kill.” Off to start the training they go.

The Court talks about how they could have lost Gotham.  Bruce’s look a like is ready to go on with their plan.

Jim pours himself a drink at his place, when he hears a knock at his door.  His Uncle Frank is at the door.  Uncle Frank is part of the Court of Owls.  I’m not liking this.

Ed decides to take Oswald down the the docks.  He has a gun held to him ready to kill him.  Oswald begs him stating that they need each other.  There is no way that Oswald can talk himself out of this one.  He claims that he has created Edward Nygma.  With that, Ed shoots Oswald and pushes him into the water. NOOOOO!!!!


Okay this is not cool that we have to hold out until April to find out what happens.  Though I am so excited to see that in the previews Edward has now become the Riddler.  AND we see his green suit!!! YES!!! Riddler is one of my favorite villains so it’s definitely exciting for me!

What did you think about Jerome? Were you impressed with his Joker??

Until April…..

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