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‘Gotham’ Recap ‘Mad City: The Executioner’

Published on November 17th, 2016 | Updated on November 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

Last week we left Isabella with her fate that is unknown.  We know that Edward is not going to take this so well.

With Jim working on a case he sees Lee and apologizes to her about her party going the way it did.  He asks her if she had talked to Captain at all at the party.  Jim wants to know weather or not Barnes was actually the killer.  So he takes this to Harvey who does not believe him.  Harvey doesn’t want to believe him, because why would a man with a spotless 20 year career do something like that? Jim keeps insisting that Barnes was the killer, making some very valid points.  At the same time that Jim believes he is right, he wants to be wrong.

Barnes has three people with nooses around their necks, standing on chairs with their mouths taped shut.  He is talking to the people about the rage taking over.  He screams at them “TONIGHT I AM THE LAW,” as he goes by each one knocking out the chairs from under them.  “Justice is served.”

We see Ivy again with a man at his place.  Super rich guy, who has a vault.  This sparks Ivy’s interest.   She uses this perfume which the man smells and listens to her.  She bashes him over the head and she walks into the vault checking everything out.  One item in particular catches her attention.  A large emerald, in which she smashes the glass case open and takes it.  The man grabs her by the neck and she kicks him right where the sun doesn’t shine to get away.  Seems like nothing has changed with her.

With Isabella gone missing, Edward waits for her call.  Oswald notices that he has grown impatient and wants to know what is bothering him.  Edward doesn’t understand why Isabella hasn’t called.  “I’m sure she’ll call soon,” Oswald says, as the phone rings.  It’s not who Ed is expecting.  The GCPD is on the other line and they want him to come to the station.  Oswald trying his best to deny that anything happened.

When they reveal who is under the cover in the morgue, Edward is in shock.  Oswald is there to comfort him and tells him that she blew a red light and got hit by the train.  She might have fallen asleep at the wheel.  Highly believable.  Oswald is there to comfort Edward with anything he needs.  Edward hugs him and this makes Oswald unbelieveable happy.  Though Ed knows something is wrong.

Selina is feeding cats when Ivy walks in.  Though Selina still doesn’t realize who she is.  She finally tells Selina who she is and Selina can’t believe it.

Harvey is at the scene where Barnes made his kill.  The forensic team found a whole ton of prints.  Jim goes to Captains office to snoop around, when Barnes walks in on him look around.  Oh no! Jim plays it off as if he was just looking for a case.  Barnes hands him the one he was “looking” for.  Barnes knows that Jim was talking to the Doctor because many suspects noted him talking to Jim.  Jim says he was but that he had died when he was speaking to him.  Captain tells Jim he believes the mob has something to do with it.  Barnes is heading to find Sugar, and wants Jim to tag along.  Jim calls Harvey to warn him where they are going since he doesn’t trust Barnes anymore.


Image: FOX
Image: FOX


With Barnes and Jim heading to find Sugar, they are talking about the murder of the doctor.  Barnesz is doing a pretty good job covering his butt.  All of a sudden Barnes believes in breaking the law to do good for the city.  Jim doesn’t understand why the sudden change.  As they pass their stop, Jim says something to Barnes.  It was an honest mistake.  We all know Captain did this so Jim would lead

Back at Selina’s place Ivy is there eating food.  I mean scarfing it down.  Selina called Bruce over to show him that Ivy is now older.  They both want to know why Ivy is back.  Ivy is still such a young girl in a woman’s body.  She admits that she is dressed a little promiscuous because apparently guys will just come up to you and give you stuff. Bruce butts in and tells Ivy she looks nice.  If looks could kill.  Men are breaking into Selina’s place with bow and arrows.  Out they go as the men take a shot and almost get Bruce.

Holding Sugar at gun point, Barnes believes that he don’t kill anyone, nut that he is not innocent.  He turns and holds the gun at Jim.


Image: FOX
Image: FOX


With Selina, Ivy, and Bruce on the run, Selina is yelling at Ivy.  Bruce tells her to return it so they don’t get killed.  Bruce says he will buy it off of Ivy so that she gets her cash and he can give it back.  She agrees to $1000 because it is super valuable.  Then realizes that that is not enough and asks for $10,000.  Bruce says find to get them out of danger.

Oswald is having a painting done of himself, when he hears loud music coming from another room.  He heads over to this room to find Edward wrapped up in a blanked listening to music.  The music gets turned off and Oswald goes back to his portrait being done.  He decides to turn around and tell Edward to snap out of it and to heal.  Healing is about moving on.  Wise words Penguin.  Ed takes this and decides to go to where she was taken from him and say goodbye.

Captain instructs Jim to move Sugars body.  He knows Jim has been investigating him and wants to know the truth.  After admitting what he knows, Captain tells him that he has never felt more alive.  This is when Jim realizes he is infected with Alice’s blood.  Barnes wants Jim to join him.  Jim is disgusted by this.  He would never kill just because he is “the law”. Men walk in on Captain holding the gun to Jim about to pull the trigger.  This gives Jim a quick second to get away from Barnes.


Image: FOX
Image: FOX

Edward goes to the train tracks to leave flowers and say goodbye to Isabella.  Something doesn’t seem right to him as he looks around.  4 blocks from her apartment.  A blind homeless man comes up and ask him for change.  The man tells Edward what he has heard.  How odd…..

The trio heads into the mans house to return the emerald, only to find him shot with an arrow through the eye.  Bruce wants to know why the necklace is so important but Selina doesn’t care, and throws it causing it to break.  Why would you throw a necklace that’s worth $5000?!  Ivy runs over and picks it up.  Broken, it reveals a key.  Selina wants to head out and tells Bruce they have to leave.  Ivy now realizes they are an item.  Selina denying it and Bruce saying yes.  They all head back to the Wayne Manor.

Harvey receives a call from Jim who is being chased why Barnes.   Harvey runs to Lee telling him how Barnes is infected with Alice’s blood.  He wants Lee to tell them that it is Barnes and not Jim.  They are all Jim has.  Running and hiding the best he can, he runs to a hallway with a dead end.  Is this the end of the line for Jim?



At a garage where Isabella’s car is being kept, Edward finds that her break lines have been cut.  He is furious that the GCPD did not find this.

As Jim is being held at gun point, the police sirens are heard pulling up.  Barnes is just trying to frame him for the murder.  When Harvey tells Barnes that he is under arrest.  Captain believes Harvey and Lee have lied for Jim.  Jim holds his gun to Barnes and is being bribed for Jim to let him go.  As Barnes goes to shoot him, Jim fires his gun.  The GCPD heads up to find Captain on the floor and Jim safe.


Back at the Wayne Manor, Ivy is impressed by everything Bruce has.  Ivy tires to make things better with Selina, but Selina brushes it off.  As the men raid Selina’s place they find an article she had stashed away.  The article is about Bruce’s parents being murdered.

Jim and Lee have a heart to heart at the precinct.  Aw the love birds making googly eyes at each other.  Jim stops her before she leaves and thanks her.

Edward storms in to Oswald in a rage.  Oswald shows him the painting where Edward is now painted in the background.  Edward tells him how Isabella was murdered.  Oswald is in shock! Ed gives him all the details about finding the cut break lines.  Ed believes that Butch has killed Isabella in retaliation.  Oswald plays along and completely believes him.


Barnes is now in Arkham.  “GUILTY…..GUILTY….GUILTY…..GUILTY”

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