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‘Gotham’ Recap ‘Mad City: Red Queen’

Published on November 3rd, 2016 | Updated on November 3rd, 2016 | By FanFest

You almost feel bad for Jim watching him sit in front of Valerie at the hospital, since she was shot by Jervis.  She now realizes that he still loves Lee.  “I never meant for you to get hurt,” Jim tells her.  “You did, you wanted to save Lee,” was the response she gave him.  We all know that was true.  Jervis was right about Jim all along, he’s nothing but trouble.

Jervis is talking to a man about making a virus out of blood.  As he looks down at the table he sees a bottle that had a queen of hearts label on it.  It’s called the red queen, and he will take it.  He plans to send the city into insanity.

After 12 hours of sitting talking, Edward and Isabella they realize they have been out talking all night.  In Ed’s eyes, he knows he missed dinner with Oswald.  After asking Isabella for dinner, he kisses her and heads off with his day.

Oswald is on the phone with the cops trying to put in a missing person report, when Edward walks in.  He runs over to hug Ed.  Edward informs Oswald that he has met someone and that he is in love.  The shock on Oswald’s face says it all.

At the hospital Jervis and the Tweed brothers head to the morgue.  They head down to take Alice’s body.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX


Bruce is preparing dinner for Selina and him.  Alfred is skeptical that she will even show.

At the morgue, the GCPD sees that Alice’s body is missing.  Jim comes in trying to help Captain and Harvey find Tetch.  Captain will not let him help since he is not part of the GCPD anymore.  Though Harvey knows better and knows he is going to try and solve it by himself.

Oswald is getting ready to head to the founders dinner.  He doesn’t believe that Edward is in love with Isabella.

Fox comes up to Captain and talks to him about Alice’s blood.  With the next round of testing done on her blood, the rats were found having raging tendencies.  There is no way Captain will let the virus get out and spread though Gotham.

Alice’s blood is being drained by Jervis so he can make his virus.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX


Lee is talking to Mario about the whole situation with Jim.  She knows what Jim knew.  Mario is upset about her even being put in danger.  He blames Jim for it.  He wants him out of their lives.  And in comes Jim.  While talking to Jim, Lee tell him that she knows that that Jervis would spare her life.  He lies to her telling her that is not true.

Oswald heads to meet Isabella at her job.  He notices paper dolls on her desk of her and Ed.  It embarrasses her so she hides them quick.  Oswald tells her that Ed was in Arkham which surprises her.  He mentions how much she looks like Kristin.

Jim again goes to see Valerie.  While there, he sees Jervis and chases him. Jervis blows the RED QUEEN into Jim’s face.  Off he goes into his trip.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX


At the founders dinner Jervis shows up running into Oswald.

Jim’s trip is just that.  He sees Barbra in an elevator.  He wants to leave but he can’t.  He needs to ride out the trip.  First floor she drops him off at is at the GCPD.  He sees Bruce who says “you don’t have much time” and disappears.  All of a sudden GCPD turns into a battlefield where he is fighting beside Oswald.  Jim heads off to find Bruce so he can be shown the deaths around the police departments.

Harvey and Captain are interrogating a man who was supposed to be security the night Jervis got into the morgue.  He’s not cooperating so Captain grabs him by his throat.  Finally he spills telling them that he wouldn’t get in trouble and the Tweeds were driving a catering van.  Captain figures it out that they are going to the founders dinner.  Harvey is not to tell Jim.  Though I don’t think that is going to be a problem.

Jervis is adding a drop of blood into each wine glass for the dinner.

Jim is awoken b Barbra in the elevator by CPR in a cheesy nurses uniform.  Next stop Jim is greeted by his daughter and son.  He joins Lee and the kids at the dinner table.  Clearly a trip he does not want to leave.  Bam! It’s all gone.  Back in the elevator with Barbra.  It’s a long way to the basement.




Back at the Wayne Manor, Bruce still sits waiting for Selina to show up for dinner.  Alfred starts clearing the table to they can have left overs for lunch tomorrow when Selina walks in.  Bruce is not happy that she is late.  He makes sure she knows that he was the one that made her dinner.  The whole thing between them is weird for the both of them.  But they are okay with it.

At the founders dinner Oswald is talking to Kathryn.  She tells him that they have had their eye on him.  He wants to know who they are but all she tells him is that they will contact him when the time is right.  Off she goes, when Jervis breaks in.  “Tonight, the heads of Gotham will roll,” he says.  He makes them all drink the wine that contains Alice’s blood.  Harvey and Captain come in to break everything up.  Jervis realizes that Alice’s blood has poisoned Captain and he is ecstatic about this.

Jim’s last stop.  She hands him a key and wishes him good luck.  He’s now standing in a street and sees a man with his car.  When he walks up to the man, he realizes it’s his father.  Jim can hear people talking.  It’s a nurse and Mario trying to wake him up.  He gets in the car with his dad.


Image: FOX
Image: FOX


While in the car, him and his father are just chatting about things.  He tells Jim that he is lost and that the answer he is looking for is in his ring.  Jim is woken up by Mario.  He saved Jim.  If he didn’t he would have been dead.  Jim takes notice of a band-aid on the back of Mario’s neck.

Edward admits everying to Isabella about killing Kristin.  She already knows about it because she spent the afternoon reading about it.  He is in shock that she still came over after finding out.  She is scared of him, but he is the man she has been waiting for.  They share a kiss when Oswald walks in.  Edward introduces him to Isabella.

Jim looks in a box with a few of his fathers things.  He finds his ring.  It reads “While we breath, we shall defend.”

Jim goes in to talk to Captain.  He congratulates Captain on the capture of Jervis and the Tweeds.  Jim wants to join the GCPD.  He made a promise and intends to keep it.  Captain welcomes him back with open arms.

Kathryn is talking to a misterious man who has the same ring on that Jim’s father had.


What is going on?! What was his father a part of?

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