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‘Gotham’ Recap ‘Mad City: New Day Rising’

Published on October 12th, 2016 | Updated on October 12th, 2016 | By FanFest

Edward is back! Edward is back! Clearly he is one of my favorite character.

We open up with Harvey questioning Alice. She makes sure that he knows that no one knows what Jervis is capable of.

At what looks to be a circus, Jervis is there talking to a old man about Alice. He keeps telling him that he doesn’t know what he would do if he lost her. He has the man hypnotized. The man lays his head down on one of those strength test games. Jervis then takes a mallet and smashes the man’s head. Quite possibly one of the most gruesome scenes we have seen in Gotham.

Oswald is already for his camping. His hair is combed back all nice and neat.  Edward thanks Oswald for getting him out of Arkham. A true friendship. They both believe that Arkham has made them stronger people. Edward and butch get into a bit of an argument over Oswald campaign.

While Alice is still at the police station, Lee draws her blood so they can run tests on it.  She informs Lee that Jervis is not infected, with his ability, he feeds off of fear, anger, and regret.  Lee now realizes why Jim in under Jervis’ control.  Once Jervis gets into your mind, you are doomed.

While Jim in out and about in Gotham, he hears the ticking of a cross walk sign.  He begins hearing Jervis’ watch and goes into a trance.  Jim walks out into the street when a truck almost hits him, but a man grabs him.  This wakes Jim up.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX



Alfred receives a phone call hearing that the Roles has been totaled.  Bruce and Alfred try to figure out where 5 has gone to.

Selina is with 5 walking around Gotham after he has crashed the car.  Selina goes into a bar.  She pretends to be a waitress, and goes up to a man telling him some nonsense so that the bar is distracted.  She heads to the back room to steal money, when she is caught.  I guess her skills are not as good as we thought.

At a press conference held by Oswald, he promises to “Make Gotham Safe Again.”  The crowed cheers for him.  I’d vote for him.  Butch hands money off to a man.  He’s trying to get Oswald in office by paying people to vote.  Edward notices it and wants to double check the amount of money Butch gave the man.

Jim goes to see Barbra at the club.  He asks for a favor of her.  All he wants to know is what Jervis is up to.  Of course Barbra doesn’t make it that easy for him.  She finally tells him how Jervis is looking for protection.

At a wrestling match, Jervis shows up to talk to the Tweed brothers.  He wants their help to get Alice out of the station.  Figures they would deny him, so he hypnotizes them.

Back with Selina, we see her zip-tied to a chair.  The men want to break her fingers for stealing from them.  5 knocks on the door and pushes his way in, fighting to free her.  Selina is in shock.  She knows something is weird, but with her wanting to get out of there quick, she hasn’t had a chance to figure it out.

Jim and the Captain are sitting talking.  Jim wants to be able to speak with Alice so he can figure out what Jervis is up to.  Captain doesn’t want to agree to it until, Jim tells him that his run in with Jervis is affecting him.  Captain gives him five minutes to speak with her.

Selina questions 5 once they are far enough away.  5 can’t breath so Selina lifts up his shirt to find scars all over his stomach.  This is where she realizes he is not Bruce.


Image: FOX
Image: FOX

Edward tells Penguin that he needs to call Butch off.  He knows that Oswald can win on his own and that he doesn’t need to have pay people to vote for him.  A little girl comes up behind Oswald and thanks him for getting rid of the monsters.  This fills Oswald with joy.  Edward then hands her money, which ticks Oswald off.  He didn’t expect Edward to do something like that since they are friends.  Ed gives him a riddle: “I can’t be bought, but I can be stolen with one glance.  I’m worthless to one, but priceless to two.  What am I?”  Oswald does not want to hear riddles after Edward betrayed him.

Jim and Alice are talking at the station.  He is asking her how to get Jervis out of his head.  She inform him that there is a trigger that he has tapped into.  After he hears any sort of ticking that resembles Jervis’ pocket watch, it will set it off.  Alice let’s Jim know that she does not want to be with Jervis anymore.  She doesn’t want to be controlled, but if he controls her, he will keep her.  He was having thoughts a brother shouldn’t have, which scared Alice away.  She will never go back.  In come the Tweed brothers.  Jervis is there to get Alice.  The Tweed brothers fight the cops so Jervis can get to his sister.  As he is heading to find her, Jim is trying to head out with Alice to protect her.  Once again, Jim is put under a spell.  He will not be able to kill Jervis until the impulse is gone.  The brothers take Alice away.  Captain knocks Jim out because of the suicide thoughts.


Image: FOX
Image: FOX



Selina is stitching up 5 after seeing the gash he got.  He tells her how he wants her to look at him the way she looks a Bruce.  Selina completely denies that she looks at Bruce any particular way.  5 says that he just wants a friend.  He then kisses Selina.

Lee is in a room with Jim keeping watch.  He is put on a 48 hour suicide watch, so she can’t take the cuffs off him.  Lee spills her heart out to him.  She tells him that she doesn’t know what she would do if something happened to him.  She has moved, but that doesn’t change how she feels.  She said she had no choice to move on, because Jim never showed up.  The past is the past.

One of the Tweed brothers is interrogated by Harvey.  He has already lost two brothers.  Harvey told him he was a fan when he was younger.  Harvey goes to burn the masks of his lost brothers.  This causes him to talk.

At the circus, Alice has been thrown a tea party by Jervis.  He tells her there will be consequences if she leaves.  Jervis draws her blood.


Image: FOX
Image: FOX


Jim is now in a van being transported so that he can stay on watch and safe.  The van goes elsewhere to Harvey.  He found out where the van was headed to from Lee.

On the rooftop, Bruce finds 5 hanging out.  He tells Bruce how Selina and him spent the day together.  They get into an argument which Alfred calms down.  5 realizes he does not belong in Gotham.  He says goodbye and jump off the roof.  And he sticks the landing.  10 points.  He walks off alive.

Jim finds Alice and Jervis.  Jervis can’t let Alice go again.  Jim will free Jervis if he lets Alice go.  He does not agree to this.  The metronome in the background hypnotizes Jim.  The Tweed brothers shoot which does not wake Jim.  He wants to be free, so he lets go.  He lets go of his past with Lee.  He breaks through the trance.  Alice falls to her death off a ledge onto a spike.


Image: FOX

Knowing what Ed has done, Butch comes in and goes after him.  All Edward wanted to do, was have Oswald have a clean election.  On the TV the announcement of Oswald winning is heard.  Edward knew all a long that he could win.  This causes Oswald to turn on Butch, and start making plans with Edward.

Bruce back at home wonders if they will ever see 5 again.  The one thing is he concerned with is the kiss that 5 and Selina shared.  My favorite line from Bruce was “I bet she thought it was me.” Such a typical teenage boy.

Jim and Lee talk back at the station.  He tells Lee that she was right and he is happy for her, or at least trying to be

5 is walking in a dark alleyway when a car pulls up next to him.  The court of owls drugs him and takes him with them.

Oswald gives his thank you speech for accepting mayor.  He appoints Edward as his chief of staff.  This does not make Butch happy.

Back at the crime scene, where Alice was killed, Captain has blood drip into his eye.  This makes his eye go all funky.  It infects him and looks like it goes back to normal.  Hmmm….


This season has been absolutely crazy.  So much going on.  I wish they would focus more on one villain rather than a bunch at once.  I hope we get to see a little more of Bruce and how he grows to become the Dark Knight.  What are your thoughts on this season so far?


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