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‘Gotham’ Recap ‘Mad City: Ghosts’

Published on January 17th, 2017 | Updated on January 19th, 2017 | By FanFest

Gotham starts us off where we last left off.  After Jim shooting Mario we see him watching the funeral over the hill.  He wants to go say something to Carmine, but what can he say that wont get him killed right then and there.  Harvey shows up to talk some sense into Jim.  Jim understands that there is nothing that he can do at this time.  While he is standing there, Carmine notices him and leaves.  Bad news for Jim.

As Oswald heads into City Hall, people want a press conference with him.  He has been the mayor to make a difference in this city.  With Edward still not feeling all that wonderful, Tarquin appears next to him as the man who is covering for Edward.  He informs Oswald that he has a woman in his office that would like to speak to him, and put him on a national scale.

At Jim’s place he hears noises coming from his apartment.  Gun out and ready.  Zsasz is sitting there letting him know that he has a message for him.  He gives Jim props for taking care of Mario since he never liked him anyway.  As he leaves Jim, he tells him “you’re a good egg.”

Selina and her mother are having a chat in “her” place.  After all this time Selina wants to know why her mother is back.  She tells her that she of course there to see her.  Something Selina does not understand.  I don’t blame her.  Her mother says she had to leave.  She got in trouble with the law and left Selina at the same orphanage that she was left at.  After listening to her mother, Selina tells her to leave.

Miss H is introduced to Oswald.  She wants to have an exclusive interview with him at city hall.  He would prefer it be at his house, but he agrees.  She tells him she wont be holding back and will not make it an easy interview for him.  He claims he has nothing to hide so he’s all for it.  When she leaves, he sees a ghost of his father walking through the crowd.  Oswald can’t believe his eyes.

At the station, Fox is doing an autopsy on a woman who was electrocuted.  The odd thing about this woman, she was once killed before.   She left the morgue and then died again.  Clearly something weird is going on with this place.  As Jim and Harvey leave, Lee storms in the station and wants Harvey to arrest Jim.  She makes it known to Jim that he is the virus.

At the mansion of Penguin, he sees his father who asks him to help him.  He keeps telling Oswald that the man can not be trusted.  After asking who he is talking about, his ghost disappears.  With a knock at the door Oswald goes over and sees there are cops at his door.   They are there to notify him that his fathers grave has been dug up.


After the weird case of the woman dying twice, Jim and Harvey head to the morgue to see what is going on.  While talking to Dwight who is the man who is supposed to be keeping an eye on the place, he seems a bit confused that anything like that would be happening.  When they ask to see her body, he pulls out the draw and she’s no where to be found.  As they head out, they make plans to follow him.

While at the Wayne Manor, Bruce and Alfred are talking about the crystal owl.  A knock at the door causes Bruce to hid the owl.  When he does this, the room it is in allows the light to shine through it, showing some kind of secret message on the wall.  Selina’s mother has stopped by with a box for Bruce to give to Selina.  Bruce tells her to stay and that he will talk to Selina for her.

Meanwhile, Jim and Harvey continue to spy on Dwight as he leaves the morgue.

Carmine plans to kill Jim.  Lee is full of rage from him killing Mario.  She believes that everything bad that has ever happened to her has been Jim’s fault.  She hates him.  Carmine makes it known to her that if he sends someone to kill Jim, the both need to live with this choice.

Bruce takes the box to Selina.  He is told to set it down and she will look at it later with an annoyed voice.  He talks to her about forgiving her mother.  She looks in the box and her mother shows up.  I guess all is forgiven.

Dwight heads to an abandoned theater.  Jim and Harvey follow him in.  Inside there are a group of people in there.  Which is clearly weird.  Dwight stands up in front of everyone in the theater to talk.  As we look around the room, people have the “Joker” smile painted on them.  Dwight then shows a video of Jerome and everyone is cheering.  Is this some kind of Jerome clan?  Jim decides this is getting too much and breaks it up, everyone scatters.  As Jim and Harvey head out of the theater, Zsasz shows up to kill Jim.  The hit is out!



As they are trying to escape from being killed, they hide out in a kitchen where Jim shoots one of Zsasz ladies.  He then shows himself and ends up having Zsasz shoot the other lady.  Jim knocks out Zsasz and holds a gun to him.

At the home of Oswald, he hears a woman singing happy birthday.  His father appears and and tells him to find the man.  Don’t trust him, don’t trust the birthday boy.

Lee heads to see Captain Barnes.  She asks him if Mario would have killed her.  She can clearly see this virus has taken over him and it opens her eyes to how it could of affected Mario.

Penguin discovers that Tarquin is the birthday boy.  He follows muddy footprints into his office and discovers his fathers body in the closet.  This clearly causes Oswald to loos his mind.  With Tarquin completely clueless, Oswald ends up beating over the head with a trophy. The only thing to knock him out of it, is a girl knocking on the door telling him that Oswald’s interview is ready.

Image: FOX

Lee wants Carmine to call off the killing.

Oswald is late to his interview and can’t think straight after killing Tarquin.

At Jim’s place, Harvey comes in to give him a larger gun.  He didn’t want to tell Harvey about the situation because it was his business and nothing for him to worry about.  Being his right hand man, Harvey thought he should have known.  Zsasz breaks into the apartment.  Jim holds a gun to Zsasz as Carmine walks in and tells him the job has been cancelled.  Zsasz says okay and heads out.  If it were up to Carmine, Jim would be dead.

At the interview of Mayor Cobblepot, Oswald sees his fathers ghosts.  As he is already having a hard time getting through the interview, he leaves and says “to hell with the people.”  As he goes to the office, it’s all cleaned up.  Edward is watching from afar.  He has the bodies in the trunk of his car.  Clayface ends up being Oswald’s father.  Edward was behind it the whole time.  He did it to cause Oswald to loose his mind.

Image: FOX

Alfred drops Selina’s mother off at a hotel.  She tells Selina to wait outside of the room.  Listening outside of the room, there is a man holding a gun to her mother.  Selina storms in and wants to know what is going on.  She tells the man that Bruce will get him the money.  With that he leaves.  Selina is informed to warn her friends and that the past is nothing to be messed with.

Dwight is talking to a friend of his.  His designs work and he tells him to get “him” ready.  In a dark room with chambers, we see Jerome’s body with his signature smile.


Woohoo!! Jerome is back!! This is exciting.  Though I’m not sure how I feel about his new look in the previews for next week.  He is taking on the New 52 look.  What are your thoughts on his new look?

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