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‘Gotham’ Recap “Mad City: Follow The White Rabbit”

Published on October 25th, 2016 | Updated on October 25th, 2016 | By FanFest

This week on Gotham we open up with a wedding.  When the couple is getting into their limo, the driver turns around and who else would it be but Jervis. He gets in and tells them how wonderful love is.  The groom tells him to get a move on or they will be late for the reception.  Little do they know, they will not be attending their own reception.  Jervis has other plans for them, and their fate relies on James Gordon

Oswald is happily eating his breakfast while talking to his maid.  He is expressing how he has found love towards Edward.  He must confess his love. In my opinion, I don’t think this is an intimate love that he has for Edward, but the first time he has felt love and compassion since his mother.

James and Valerie are at lunch at a diner.  Val wants a sit down with Lee to discuss Alice’s blood, but Jim knows that Lee will no agree to this.  Val tells him she will see him when he hears from Lee.  A man comes up to Jim (who we can only assume is supposed to be the White Rabbit) and tells him he has a message for him.  “Follow my friend where to go, to learn the truth you’ve hidden below.  Should you choose not to play, precious people will die today,” the White Rabbit tells Jim.  So Jim plays along and follows the Rabbit.  A pay phone rings and of course it is Jervis on the other end.  Jervis has the Dave and Amy, the bride and groom, hypnotized on top of a building.  He also has a little boy named Shane sitting in the street to be hit by a truck.  Jim has 30 seconds to save one.  If he doesn’t make a decision, both will die.  Jim chooses to save Shane, and the bride and groom fall to their death.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX


After saving Shane’s life, Jervis calls the pay phone once again for Jim to answer.  He gives Jim a meet up location and advises him to come alone.

Edward is sending out some mail when Oswald walks in.  Ed lets Oswald know he has come up empty tracking down Butch.  He believes that Butch is hiding out with his old crew.  Oswald confesses to Ed that he would be lost without him.  He tries to tell Edward how he loves him, but can’t bring himself to do so.  So he tells Edward he has forgotten what he wanted to say.  Edward mentions that Oswald has a school tour to attend to.

At the crime scene, Shane lets Harvey know that Jim Gordon is the one who had saved him.  He tries to call him, but was unable to reach him.  Captain wants Jim found.  They find the White Rabbit who is hypnotized and Captain realizes it was Jervis was the one that did it.

Jim goes to the location that Jervis told him to go to.  He sees a bulletin board with pictures and news articles on it.  One with the headline reading “Peter Gordon Dies in Car Crash.” The phone in the room rings and Jim answers it.  Jervis directs him to look through the telescope to see him.  Jim at this point starts to have some fun with him.  He hangs up the phone and Jervis calls back telling him to never do that again.  Jim again hangs up and Jervis again calls.  Jim tells him he knows this is all because of Alice.  She died trying to get away from Jervis, but he does not want to hear this.  Jervis is having the Tweed brothers kidnap Valerie.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX

Oswald is in the 3rd grade class room of PS 134.  We can see how thrilled he is about being here.  He points out a little boy sitting at a table by himself.  He asks the teacher why he alone.  She tells him that the boys name is Luke and that he is newer.  Oswald goes up to Luke and asks him why he is sitting alone.  Luke replies that he doesn’t think the kids will like him.  Oswald tells him that if they don’t like him, wait for them to turn their backs and push them down the steps.  This makes Luke smile as he runs off to join the others kids.  Oswald goes up to Ed and asks him to have dinner with him at the mansion.  Ed agrees and tells him he will pick up a bottle of wine.

Jim tells the Captain who he has and that all Jervis wants to do, is drive Jim insane.  He knows that he needs to make a choice between Lee and Valerie, or Jervis will kill both.

Valerie and Lee are looked in Lee’s bathroom by ankle cuffs.  The Tweed brothers make sure they can’t get out.  Val tries to interview Lee but she wants nothing to do with it right now.  Val tells Lee that she thought it was only because he was trying to be protective over her.  Lee is more concerned about just getting out.  My favorite converstaion they have is when Lee tells Valerie “you and Jim  were made for each other”


“Wasn’t a compliment”

At the GCPD Captain lets everyone know that Mario has not heard from Lee.  Cap wants to find Tetch and end this madness.  An old friend is supposed to lead Jim to Jervis, so Jim goes up to the White Rabbit.  He has another message for Jim.  He gives the White Rabbit a piece of paper and pen.  Knowing now where Jervis has the girls, he heads out.  Before heading out, Mario grabs him and wants to know what is going on.  Jim can’t say though or both the ladies will die.  He just needs to trust Jim.  Though Mario could be of use for Jim.

Valerie is again talking to Lee asking why she came back.  Lee assures her is was not for Jim.  She breaks out of her cuff and hands the picks over to Val, when she breaks it.  Jervis walks in not surprised they tried to break free.  He asks them to join him in the dining room, since their guest of honer would be there shortly.  All of them are sitting at the table now, having a tea party.


Jervis invites Jim to the table to sit, but Jim would prefer to stand.  Jervis demands him to do as he says and to place his gun on the platter.  Jervis pours them all tea as Jim reassures the ladies that everything is going to be okay.  He’s told not to lie to them.  Jim agrees to drink the tea along with Jervis.  I think he’s starting to realize that he needs to play alone in order to win.  Jervis proceeds to tell them a story about a brother and sister.  Meanwhile, Mario is outside of the house walking into the basement.  Jervis informs Jim that the woman he loves is going to die and he needs to figure out who he loves.  Jim tells him his idiots need to lower their guns since he doesn’t want to be shot accidentally.  They do.  Now Jervis is to lower his gun, and he does.  Mario comes up behind him and hold a gun to Jervis.  As smart as Jervis is, he looked around the house for guns.  He took the bullets from the gun.  When Mario pulls the trigger, nothing but a click is heard and the Tweed boys told their guns up to Mario.  They are instructed to take him away.  Jim brings up Alice to Jervis going over everything again.    How she did not love him and how she was smiling when she died.  Jervis looks like he understands for a minute then snaps out of it.  He believes Jim is only trying to confuse him.  On the count of 3, Jim is instructed to choose who to kill.  He says to shoot Lee, but instead Jervis shoots Valerie.  Believing that she is the one Jim really loves.  She gets shot in the stomach as Jervis tells Jim that he is really a villain.  He leaves and Lee calls 911 to get medical attention for Valerie.

GOTHAM: Ben McKenzie in the ÒMad City: Follow the White RabbitÓ episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Oct. 24 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jessica Miglio/FOX.
Image: FOX

Rushing Valerie to the ER, Mario tells Jim he will take good care of her.

Oswald is at dinner by himself, as he practices his confession to Edward.

Edward is picking out wine for the evenings dinner.  A woman who looks just like Kristin appears and they begin talking.  She says a riddle to him and he knows the answer.  He introduces himself.

As Jim and Lee sit on the bench, Jim tries to explain to her about the choice.  Right now she doesn’t even care.  They just sit there in silence together.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX

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