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‘Gotham’ Recap ‘Mad City: Beware the Green-Eyed Monster’

Published on December 1st, 2016 | Updated on December 1st, 2016 | By FanFest

As a lab tech walks out of the lab after a night of work on Alice’s blood, he goes to have a drink at a bar.  Mario sits down to join him.  The man clearly is not all about Mario talking to him.  He makes it known to lab teach that he is getting married.  All the tech can say is “congratulations.” I mean after all, why should he care? As they get talking the tech tells him what he does for a living and all Mario brings up is Alice’s blood.  The tech is not allowed to talk about it.  Like that is going to stop Mario.  As he holds the man and he talks to him about how Jim hopes she will come back one day.  WONT HAPPEN. As he Mario is holding the mans head, he keeps hearing “she loves him” in his head.  “Hear that Jim? I won’t let you have her,” as he crushes the technicians skull in.

Heading over to Bruce and Alfred, they are being informed that Volk was killed.  Alfred asks Bruce if all of this is worth it now.  Of course it is, what’s the next step?

At the crime scene of the lab tech, Harvey keeps telling Jim to go home and take the day off.  Jim refuses to since it is his job.  He finds a receipt in the mans jacket and takes notice that his badge is gone.

With Barbra knowing Oswald’s secret, she goes to let Ed in on it.  Barbra calls him a poor blind baby since he doesn’t see it.  Edward think that she is nuts.  There is no way that Oswald, Ed’s best friend would have killed Isabella.  He had no motive, or so he thinks.  He had the oldest motive in the book.

Rich men want it.

Wise men know it.

The poor all need it.


It all of a sudden clicks in Ed’s head, but he still thinks she is nuts.

Hanging out on a roof, Bruce, Alfred and the man from the Whispers group scope out a building.  This building belongs to the Owls.  Selina is with them as well, but you can tell she feels uneasy.

Jim heads off to the lab to talk to the techs colleagues.  He asks the security guard at the desk about the man. He informs Jim that he has not been clocked out.  Jim immediately tells him to call the cops.  He heads off to find who is in the lab using the technician’s badge.  While looking around, Jim gets knocked out by Mario.  Mario refuses to kill him yet.  He wants Lee to hate him first and he claims that she will.  He writes something on Jim’s hand and tells him to come find him.


Harvey and the police are at the lab crime scene, talking to Jim about what happened.  They notice the writing on Jim’s hand.  ‘Arkham’ is what is written on his hand.  Jim heads right to Arkham to talk to Jervis about what is going on.  Take notice that Jervis has a top hat on his head made of news papers, I love it! After talking for a bit, Jervis mentions how after all this time of staying quiet, why would he talk now.  He is having too much fun with his game.  Jim tries to play a long with some riddles, Jervis at this point is getting mad and starts to tell him things he does want to.  With the information coming out, Jim realizes that it is Mario who Jervis has infected.

Selina decides she is going to leave the manor after feeling like they were being watched  on the rooftop. Alfred is talking to her about the court and how Bruce would not be doing this if it wasn’t to protect the people he cares about.  Selina doesn’t want to listen to it and walks out.

Jim has Mario arrested.  Harvey thinks Jim is crazy for thinking what he does.  Fox is testing Mario’s blood for the virus, but after 3 tests, his blood is clean.  Jim knows why is was now in the lab.  He was trying to find a way to hide the virus in order to beat the test.  He makes it known to Mario that he will never marry Lee.


Image: FOX
Image: FOX


Bruce and Alfred are preparing to break into the building.  It’s not the Whispers that Alfred is worried about.  We cut to a short scene where a man from the Owls is slicing a mans throat.  Gross.

Oswald and Ed are talking about some mayor plans.  When Oswald goes to sign another paper and sees that it is Edwards resignation letter.  This shocks Os.  He doesn’t think this would be the best for Ed after everying has happened.  Ed mentions to him that they are friends and he would desire for them to become more.  Oswald feels the same.  One can not deny love.  That’s not what Ed was implying though.  He was just hoping to become business partners.

Jim heads to Lee’s to warn her about Mario.  Instead of finding Lee, he finds Mario who seems like he has been waiting for him.  What Mario wants to know is how he would have gotten the virus.  Jervis gave it to him when he gave Jim the hallucinogenic. That explains the band-aid on Mario’s neck.  It brought rage to Captain Barnes and bring jealousy to Mario.  Mario knows that this is not going to help Jim’s case at all with Lee.  She’s just going to think he is a lunatic that would do anything to keep her.  He purposely put Jim on his trail.  The thought of Lee still loving Jim keeps Mario awake at night.  Jim pulls a gun on Mario, and this does not phase him.  Zsasz is there holding a gun on Jim.



While Victor holds a gun to him, Jim tries to get him to let him go.  All Victor is doing is waiting.  All of a sudden, he is free to go.  Jim is confuse by this.  Zsasz was only supposed to keep him there until the big hand reached the 9.  He punches Victor, knocking him out and heads off to the wedding.

As Oswald is giving away an award to a man named Kyle for literature, we see Ed holding a knife.  *Cut to day dream* Edward pushes people out of the way to stab Oswald *and back*.  Oswald is worried that he upset Ed after confessing his love.  Edward is silent.  He puts the knife away and goes to hug Oswald.  He makes sure that Oswald doesn’t forget that he is his best friend.

Jim head off to the wedding finding Lee.  He tells her that she can’t marry Mario.  Mario has already informed Lee about everything.  Lee is outraged by everything.  Jervis is just planting ideas into Jim’s head.  He needs to let it go.  While they are talking, Jim figures it all out.  Mario put him up to this so that it would cause him to look jealous and push Lee away.  Lee informs him to get help.  As he goes to leave, he tells her that he still loves her and has never stopped.  He admits that he went to go see her but didn’t want to bother her when she looked so happy.  He regrets it.  He asks her not to marry him.  Lee tells Jim that after the wedding, they are leaving Gotham.  After pulling this, Lee now hates him and has him escorted out.  Jim punches the men who are taking him out while Lee walks down the aisle.  As they said “I do,” Jim is being beat by Falcone’s men.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX


On the rooftop looking at the court building, Selina shows up to help them out.  She’s the only one that can walk the rope with her cat like skills.  Across the way, someone is watching them.  Selina was right.

Fox is trying to understand how Mario would beat the test.  The only way to beat is was for certain chemicals to be in it his body to mask them.  So what this means is there were traces of that chemical.  Harvey sends people out to find Mario and Lee.

A car pulls up outside of the building with the horn blowing.  One of the guards comes to look and Alfred punches the man in the face.  This gives Bruce and Selina the opportunity to head into the building.  They find the room and Bruce gets Selina set up.  She kisses him and tells him to not let go.  She walks the rope and reaces the other side.  When she opens the safe, inside is a crystal owl.  One of the owl members finds Bruce and knocks him out.  The man heads for Selina when Bruce throws a light bomb in and lets them get away.  Alfred fights the man off and Bruce steps in.  Selina tries to help since she can’t just let Bruce behind.  A woman comes in and hits the man over the head.  It’s the person who has been following them.  She takes off her mask and reveals she is Selina’s mother. DUN DUN DUN!

Image: FOX
Image: FOX


After finding the drug in Mario’s house, this gives them a reason to find them.  Lee and Mario have left the reception early already.

Edward heads into the bar to talk to Barbra.  He wants to destroy Oswald and not kill him.  Take everything away from him that he loves.  Barb of course wants something out of this.  She wants to rule Gotham.  The crime families will never listen to her though.  But that is what Ed is there for.  They will be partners.  First they must destroy Penguin.  He does apologize to Tabitha but she doesn’t accept it.

Mario and Lee are at a house in the woods.  Lee is hanging out on the dock just thinking.  Mario goes to talk to her.  He  knew that Jim was going to go see her.  All he wants to know is if she cares for Jim.  Of course a small part of her always will.  That’s all he needed to know.  We all know this is not the answer he wanted.

Jim wants to know where they have headed off to so he goes and talks to Carmine.  Carmine didn’t realize that Mario had it.  The attacks were because of the virus but he can not tell them more than that.  He says he will send his men to get Mario and bring him back.  Jim shoots the men saying that he must be the one to go.  He swears he will bring Mario back alive.  At the house Mario keeps hearing “she loves him” while looking at Lee.  He grabs a knife off the counter as Jim pulls up.  Jim sees Mario about to stab Lee so he shoots him.  Lee don’t understand and looks horrified.  DUN DUN DUN……….
While having some off time, we can only hope that Lee will find out the truth.  I can not wait until Gotham comes back in January so we can see Jerome again!!

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