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‘Gotham’ Recap “Heroes Rise: These Delicate and Dark Obsessions”

Published on May 5th, 2017 | Updated on May 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

I don’t know about you, but I am really enjoying the character development in Gotham right now.  As we join the court counsel, they are discussing a drastic action plan in which they plan to clean the city.  This weapon is being sent to them at the ship yard.  As they pull out their feathers, the members put them down on the table if they agree with the decision.  Judgement has passed- Gotham must fall.

When Bruce awakes, he sees a man standing in the door way.  The man needs Bruce’s help.

At GCPD, Harvey and Jim are talking about Jim’s visit with his uncle.  Jim starts to investigate the “drunk driver” who took his fathers life.

Ivy pushes Oswald around in a wheel chair.  Being super cheerful while he is being super miserable.  She tries to have fun with him, but he doesn’t care.  She gives Penguin a drink to help heal him, but he throws it instead.  He calls Ivy a crazy plant lady.  She wants to help him and be his friend.  Oswald asks her to deliver a message to Gabe.

While standing at his fathers Grave, Jim’s uncle, Frank appears.  He informs Jim about the weapon the court intends to use.  He also makes him aware that he doesn’t know how to stop it.  Jim can’t help him, the court must not know he knows anything.  After Frank and Jim part, Jim find Lee at Mario’s grave.  She’s upset as he tells her he is sorry.  She wishes she could move on, but doesn’t know how.  Lee heads off and Jim receives a phone call from Harvey.  He found out that a criminal has killed Jim’s father.  This criminal was paid for by Carmine Falcone.


Back at the house where Ivy and Penguin are, Oswald is speaking with Gabe.  Gabe, who seems to be overly happy that Oswald had him back.  Ivy doesn’t trust Gabe, but who really could?  She tells Oswald about her perfume and how it will make Gabe tell the truth.  That doesn’t matter to Oswald, he still doesn’t trust Ivy.  All she wants is to be Oswald’s friend, but he informs her that they are not friends.  When Ivy leaves, Gabe knocks Oswald out.  Maybe he should have trust her.

While Bruce is walked away, the door opens on it’s own.  He makes a break for it, only to end up back at the same cell.  He continues to run, but he keeps ending up where he left off.  The old man is standing in his cell.  The man tells Bruce it is time to begin, Bruce starts running again.  He never finds an exit.  He yells that he is not scared and the door to his cell closes.

Jim shows up at Carmine Falcone’s.  This ticks Carmine off.  Jim confronts him about putting the hit out on Jim’s father.  Carmine right away tells him no and makes it known that the Court sent out the hit.  Frank Gordon would be the member that put the hit out.

Jim walks into his uncles house and holds a gun to him.


While Frank gets a drink and acts like this is no big deal, Carmine called the Court to let them know he was digging into things.  He admits to Jim that he did put out the hit and Jim makes the arrest.  Frank knocks Jim out while he is being arrested.   He doesn’t want to deal with this, his goal is just to find out when the weapon will be arriving.

Penguin is tied up by Gabe, and is going to auctioned off to be killed.  Ivy is watching from the window when she is caught.

Jim and Harvey discuss the weapon.  It is now Jim’s job to raid the docks.  He can’t do that though with the Court knowing what he is doing.  So, he calls an old friend, Barbra.

Locked in the mountains, Bruce sits with the man in his cell.  He has been waiting a long time for Bruce to begin this journey.  He shows Bruce “keys” to open his mind.  Bruce asks what the symbols on the end of the keys mean, he gets no answer.  He touches Bruce’s forehead with one.  It takes him to a memory where he sees his parents.

Image: FOX


Watching this memory, he sees the night they were shot.  It’s not one he wants to relive.  Coming out of the memory, the man tells him to rest and they will try again soon.  Bruce is horrified.

We meet up with Barbra and her crew at the docks, torturing a man who works there.  They keep asking him if there was anything that came in.  He tells them he will give them a number when a door is heard being opened.  Men watching out front are killed and in comes a ninja person.  He is from the Court.  Barb and everyone leave.  The owl member ends up killing the dock worker.

Gabe and his men are taking pictures of Penguin and Ivy to put them up for the auction.  Oswald wants to know the plan that Ivy has.  She will only tell him if he is nice to her.  As he plays nice, she calls over one of Gabe’s men.  She asks for him to let her go.  She whispers in his ear, and smells her perfume while doing this.  He is under her control, and does anything she asks.  He is told to kill the other men, and he does.  Penguin grabs a gun and shoots the man under Ivy’s control, before he can get to Gabe.

When the Court calls a meeting, Frank is questioned as to why Jim is trying to find answers.  He tells them that he does not know why.  Kathrine tells him that Jim must be killed.  The look on Franks face shows he is not pleased about this.

Image: FOX

Back at the GCPD, Barb calls informing them that the Court already has the weapon.  It was created at Indian Hill.  Jim then gets a phone call from his uncle and is told to come over quickly and alone.

Oswald put all of his trust to Gabe.  Gabe promises he will be loyal again.  He is made to say an oath to being loyal and true.  Since Penguin doesn’t trust him now, he has Ivy make Gabe smell her perfume.  She asks if he will be loyal to Penguin.   He gives a short reply of “no.”  He tells them that no one ever respected Penguin.  He tells Penguin that he will only ever be known as the freak who use to hold an umbrella.  The world “freak” sets Oswald off.  He grabs one of the gardening tools and kills Gabe.  It was one of the top violent scenes from Gotham I have seen so far.

Jim shows up at his uncles.  He asks Jim if he knows what the weapon is.  He has no idea, since they have already picked it up.  He admits to Jim that he is supposed to kill Jim.  He tells Jim that he needs to replace him on the Court.  Jim doesn’t know what to say to this.  Frank tells him that he has to find out what the weapon is and figure out how to stop it.  When Kathrine calls, Jim is to answer it and tell her that he killed his uncle.  With that all being said, Frank shoots himself.

Image: FOX

Bruce tries to attack the man as he walks in.  The man grabs him and sends him back to the memory.  Bruce yells “NO” while in the memory and everything disappears.  He tries the fight the man, but can not.  “I have so much to teach you Bruce, but your pain blocks you from who I need you to become.  Who Gotham needs you to become,” the man tells him.  People of Gotham are afraid and being afraid breeds hopelessness.   Only Bruce can provide a protector that they needs.  Bruce claims he can’t by himself.  He needs to become a symbol against fear, so that Gotham can be reborn.

As Penguin buries Gabe, him and Ivy build a friendship.  She wants to help him build any army of Freaks.

Jim puts the picture of him, his father, and his uncle at his fathers grave.  While he is there paying his respects, Katrine calls.  He tells her that he has killed his uncle.  She tells him it is time they meet.  A limo down from the cemetery is waiting for Jim.


What did you think of this weeks Gotham? I’m excited to see what Bruce will become as he begins his training.  What weapon do you think the Court is using on Gotham?


Until next week!

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