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‘Gotham’ Recap ‘Heroes Rise: Light The Wick’

Published on May 21st, 2017 | Updated on May 21st, 2017 | By FanFest

After not seeing Captain Barnes for some time, it seems as if he is being transported somewhere.  Two men are escorting him to a van when his rage takes over.  Jarvis watches from his cell.  Seriously wish we would see more of him.  Barnes attacks the men.  Just when he thinks he is free, a member of the Court comes in.  He shoots Barnes with a tranquilizing dart that doesn’t affect him right away.  He tries to fight the man, but it is no use.  The dart takes affect and he is taken to the Kathrine.  She tells Barnes that she wants to take his virus and he wont be harmed in the process, at least not too bad.  In walks someone who has been missing for quite some time, Hugo Strange.  Haven’t missed that guy.

It’s obvious that Lee wants to see Jim locked up and gone.  She goes up to Harvey to speak with him about Frank.  They have established that the cause of death was a homicide.  She insists that Harvey opens the case on Frank to get Jim in trouble.  Harvey acts as if he knows nothing and is shocked that she would imply that about Jim.  He doesn’t believe that she is crazy, just hurt.  She knows Harvey is covering for Jim.

Ivy takes a trip to the club to speak with Barbra on the whereabouts of Selina.  She speaks with Tabitha since Barbra is not around.  She tells her to check Gotham General.  She heard through the grape vine that Selina fell out a window and is in pretty bad shape.

While at the Court, Jim is trying to find out some information on Kathrine.  He goes in to take a finger print off of her mask when a member walks in.  Jim quick tells him that he was in there for the list of names.  The list of names for ‘Judgement Day’.  The member is suspicious of Jim’s motives.

Ivy heads to the hospital to see Selina.  She asks the nurse what happened to her, all while using her perfume on the nurse to get the truth.  The nurse tells Ivy that Selina will not be okay.  Ivy tells the nurse to leave and not come back.  Ivy plans on helping Selina, this she promises.

A man in a holding cell is gassed with the Tetch Virus.  Katrine and Strange use him as their guinea pig.  The man turns zombie like.

Image: FOX

The training for Bruce continues his training.  If he wins the fight that he is in, he wins and goes free.  Bruce gives it his all but fails all the while.  His rage is blinding him.  The man who is training Bruce tells him he can free him from his pain.

On the phone with Harvey, Jim receives the address to Kathrine’s.  He tells Jim how Lee wants to open a case on him.  He also lets Jim know that Barnes has been transferred.  Jim goes to leave for Kathrine’s when an old friend shows up, Oswald.  Firefly is with him.  Seeing as they have some unfinished business, he asks where Ed is.  Jim tells him the Court has him and to just let it go.  He doesn’t know what he is getting himself into.

Jim heads over to Kathrine’s.  He heads in once everyone is gone and searches the house.  He finds a secret draw with an owl compartment.  A badge is hidden inside that reads “Wayne Access Badge Code 1139”.  While Jim is searching around, Kathrine walks in.  Instead of trying to run, or hide, he confronts her and tells her of Oswald.  He tells her she wants a spot at the table.  He needs to know what is going on.  She explains what is planned is to heal that city and Gotham’s darkest sins.  As he leaves her place, he calls Harvey to tell him what is going on.  She watches him and hears him from her balcony.

Jim, Harvey, and Fox are at GCPD discussing the virus.  Harvey mentions the Barnes transfer.  Jim shows Fox the Wayne Badge.  Everything is getting way too out of hand.

Ivy has nurses bring in plants to help Selina. I guess we shouldn’t expect anything different.

The man and Bruce are discussing removing his rage.  Bruce still questions why he is the one for this.  The man explains that him and Gotham need each other.  “Gotham needs a protector.  You need a purpose.”  Using a new “key”, Bruce is now at his parents wake.  Bruce remembers being angry about it, because people were more concerned about him than his parents death.  He was supposed to put his fathers cuff links in the casket but couldn’t.  It’s now time for him to let them go.  Being free, Bruce passes out.  “I’ve been waiting a long time for this, Bruce.  Together, we will make Gotham pay.”  Wait a second….

As Jim and Harvey look for Barnes, they come across one of the scientist dead.  They see the ‘zombie’ man who attacks them.  Strange comes over to tranquilize the zombie.  They really didn’t expect to see Strange.



Jim questions Strange on who has the virus.  He tells him a woman named Kathrine has it and that he was brought here against his will.  Strange lets them know about the device and that it needs to be tested first.  Strange is playing both sides so that no matter what he wins.  They take the deal with Strange and he hands over his research.  Jim heads off to figure out where Kathrine is testing the bomb.  At that moment, he receives a phone call from Kathrine.  He has done what she has asked of him.  It is now time to take the next step.  She gives him an address and tells him to head there.  No more information is given.

Bruce continues his training and is able to take down his opponent.  He felt nothing once he has removed his destructive emotions.  He beat his opponent and just wants to leave.   The man offers to take the pain away.  Bruce tells his opponent to get up, they are not done.

Jim heads over to see Kathrine and what she is planning.  Before the can talk about anything, Jim is asked to hand over his gun.  He does so without question.  Looking out a window, there is a party going on down below.  The Daughter’s of Gotham.  Kathrine tells Jim about the arousal dispersal bomb for the Alice Tetch Virus.  This is just a test for what is to come.  She sets the timer on the bomb.  He will be safe with her up above the party.  If Jim in anyway tries stop the bomb or interfere, Talon is instructed to execute Jim on the spot!!



While watching down below, Jim is plotting to save the 200 plus people from down below.  Talon stands guard to do as instructed.  Jim calls Penguin without Talon knowing.  He holds a conversation with Talon as Penguin listens on the other end.  He mentions the first bank of Gotham, it clicks in Penguins head.  Not much time left.

At the GCPD, Lee walks in on Harvey and Fox putting the virus away.  Lee is getting pissed that everyone is on Jim’s side.  She doesn’t understand how everyone can just help him cause more people pain.  Fox tries to explain to her that Jim is trying to prevent what happened to Mario, to thousands of people.  She still doesn’t understand.  He is not able to tell her what is going on.  She storms off.

The party continues as time continues to tick down.  “Screw it,” Jim says as he goes after Talon.  As they are fighting, Firefly appears and sets Talon on fire.  Jim tells everyone to get out.  Penguin wants to talk to the court, but Jim needs to save the people first.  Jim believe the court will be in touch after setting their assassin on fire.  Making sure everyone is out, Jim closes the doors at the last second when the bomb goes off.

Image: FOX


Kathrine receives a phone call from the man who is training Bruce.  So it was all in their plan to train Bruce.  Everything will be in place when Bruce and the man arrive back.

Penguin is venting to Firefly when she is taken away.  He thinks she is ignoring him, so he goes and looks for her.  Behind him stands a member of the Court.

While Ivy is taking care of Selina, she suddenly awakes from her coma.  Ivy is so excited about this.  Selina starts ripping off her tubing.  She needs to head to Wayne Manor to kill someone.

Jim fines Lee packing up.  She thought she belonged here, until Jim infected everyone around him.  She blames him for taking everything from her.  He gives her the truth about killing Mario.  Jim knows that leaving and continuing to blame him will not help her situation.  With that, Lee leaves.

Kathrine notices that her desk has been touched.

Penguin is now thrown in a cell right next to Edward.  Ed is shocked to see that Oswald is even alive.  Oswald tries to reach of Ed.  Nothing but silence is shared between them.

Kathrine is talking to Barnes about getting Gotham the judgement it needs.  She tells him about detective James Gordon and what he has done.  She needs Barnes to kill him before he can do anything.  The rage sets in for Barnes.  He plans to execute James.

What an awesome episode! I can not wait for next week when Bruce comes back.  Jim in in deep now.  What did you think of this weeks episode?


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