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‘Gotham’ Recap “A Dark Knight: They Who Hide Behind Masks”

Published on October 7th, 2017 | Updated on October 7th, 2017 | By FanFest

I absolutely loved this weeks episode! Though I do question what is going on with a few of our characters, but I guess we will come to find out.

Opening this week we are introduced a bit to Ra’s Al Ghul and how he came to be.  He had fought in a war in 125 A.D. causing his death.  He is taken to the lazareth pit and brought back to life.  Ra’s is told to find his heir and handed an Egyptian knife.

In modern day Gotham, Bruce over looks the shipment that Penguin is bring in.  He of course can’t resist to head down for a closer look.  All while Alfred is trying to talk him out of it.  Bruce sees someone else trying to get the shipment.  Here that person is no one other than Selina.  She’s coming into her cat like self.  While she tries to break into one of the shipment boxes, Bruce watches her.  He is caught before getting too far.  Penguin’s men shoot at Bruce as he tries to fight them off.  Selina heads off and Bruce makes his way off too.

Jim heads to see Carmine Falcone where he has retired to.  Absolutely gorgeous house.  Jim sees Carmine’s daughter who catches his eye.   He is taken to see Carmine, who of course is not expecting him.  Carmine isn’t all that pleased to see him as it is.  Jim tries to make small talk, but it’s really not what Carmine wants to hear.  His daughter, Sofia walks up to and is introduced to Jim.  She’s clearly not happy that he is there either.  Jim tries to plea the help he needs to get Gotham back from Penguin.  Carmine is unable to do as asked, because he is dying.  Sofia tries to step in place of her father but he does not approve.  Jim is on his own.

Since Bruce didn’t listen to Alfred and got cut during his little fight, Alfred stitches him up but is upset with him.  Even though Bruce says he will listen to Alfred, he decides to head back to the docks to figure out what Penguin is planning.  Alfred suggests there are other kinds of masks that Bruce can wear in order to do what he needs to.

Barbra continues to sell guns to crime lords, even though she shouldn’t be.  She’s quite upset with Selina since she had failed her mission to retrieve the crate.  She cuts Selina out of her business, since she believes shes more capable of getting the crate.  What is in this crate!?

Penguin is notified that he was almost robbed at the dock.  He orders Zsasz to take him to the warehouse where everything is being kept.  Once everything is accounted for, Penguin plans to bring it back to the Iceberg Lounge for safe keeping.  After shutting off the lights, a woman comes in with a blow torch to free Ed.   Who is she?

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Upon Penguins return, he discovers his precious Edward gone from the frozen center piece.  Zsasz tries to make light of the situation, and because he’s probably tired of Penguin talking to a frozen man.  Penguin wants the person found who has taken Ed dead.

Waking up from his frozen coma in the woman’s home, he looks around to see articles of him everywhere!  He is quite freaked out by all of this.  The woman is a girl he knew in school.  She has followed everything about him.  Ed wants to go, but can not move because of him being frozen for 5 months.  Myrtle shows Ed that he was made to be a center piece at the lounge.  Myrtle wants to help Ed become Gotham’s greatest villain, with her by his side.  He seems scared out of his mind.

Bruce takes a walk down by the docks dressed in clothing to help make his act believable.  He claims to only be looking for his uncle.  Though the men on the ship seem to think it’s weird.  Bruce heads in and goes to the Captain’s Bridge.  He takes a look at the log of items that have come in.  The men come in to find him snooping around, when Alfred comes in trying to get him out of trouble.  Alfred has to knock them out for them to head out.

Barbra heads over to see her good old friend Penguin in hopes to buy the knife off of him before the auction.  Penguin doesn’t believe her a single bit.  She will not tell him who the man is who wants the knife.  Penguin sends her away without the knife and reminds her to bring her checkbook.  He goes to check on the knife, and there it is, in all it’s gold glory.

Meanwhile, with Penguin admiring the knife, Bruce is researching it to find out more information on it.  Bruce turns a page in the book he is reading, when he sees an image of a man.  The man looks exactly like Ra’s Al Ghul.  He wants the knife.


Harvey and Jim have a bit of a discussion over the phone about Falcone not coming back.  Sofia comes up to give Jim a drink in hopes that she can keep him company.  They talk about her father, and Jim gives his deepest condolences.  Sofia was sent away from Gotham to keep her safe.  Jim tries to apologize to her about Mario, when surprisingly she agrees that he was infected with the virus.

No one is able to find Ed in Gotham.  Myrtle is trying to help Ed regain the feeling in his muscles, trying acupuncture.  She tries to impress him with her “riddler” dress.  She planed his whole escape, that took her months.  Ed can’t even think as to how he would have planned his escape.  Well that’s quite unlike him.


Removing the pins from Ed, he still has no feeling through his muscles.  Myrtle realizes that she should have been focusing on stimulating his brain.  She figures if she gives him riddles that it would help him.  Fire away.  Ed can’t even answer the simple riddle of “what’s red and black and white all over?”  He answers a zebra with a gaping whole through it.  Though it is not the right answer, he sure thinks it is.  The answer is a newspaper.  With Ed still determined, he has Myrtle ask him another riddle.  “I have a face and two hands but no arms or legs, what am I?”  Ed answers with a deformed baby, but the answer is a clock.  She believes there is something wrong with his brain, but he argues back thinking it is her riddles.

On the beach, Jim and Sofia take a walk along the water.  Jim tells her that he will never leave Gotham and take the easy way out.  They head down to stand in the water to just stand still for a minute.  Jim can’t remember the last time he just stood still.  They share a kiss.

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Getting ready for Penguin’s auction, Alfred and Bruce discuss the plan.  Alfred tells him that if he is to continue down the path of vigilante, he needs to learn how to play other rolls.  He needs to learn how to play the roll he was born to play, behaving like a spoiled brat.  Bruce Wayne, billionaire brat.

At the auction, Bruce is playing it up.  He is enjoying playing the roll a little too much.  Bruce has it figured out that if he bids on more than just the knife, it wont make things look so suspicious.  He continues to play it up to Penguin, pretending to have fun.  When Barbra walks in, Bruce is a bit shocked to see her.  The bidding starts for the embalming knife.  Barbra right away bids a hundred thousand dollars.  Bruce goes back and forth with her on the bidding.  Bruce gets the final bid with two million dollars.  Oswald sells it to Bruce before Barbra can say another word.  Oswald does warn him that Barbra will be coming for the knife and to keep a close eye on it.

Myrtle brings Ed a book of riddles and reads them to him.  He can’t give her an answer at all.  The book is a riddle book for kids.  With his muscle strength back, he takes the book and hits Myrtle over the face with it.

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I hate to say it, but Oswald was right, someone did come for the knife.   That someone isn’t Barbra, but it’s Selina.  She has been sent to get the knife.  Her thinking that because her and Bruce are friends, he’ll just hand it over.  Selina tells Bruce that she is unsure as to why Barbra wants the knife, but knows it’s for a “client” of hers, who is a very powerful man.  The look in Bruce’s face lets us know that Ra’s is behind all of this.  The two of them argue about the knife, but Bruce refuses to help her out.

Heading back to the GCPD, Sofia walks in.  Jim seems very confused as to why she’s even in Gotham.  She wants to help him get rid of Penguin.  She is ready to fight for her city, she’s been planning to for the past 10 years.  Sofia believes that her and Jim will makes excellent partners.

Penguin and Zsasz find out who has released Ed from the ice.  Penguin seems quite surprised that it is a woman who doesn’t seem harmful at all.  She tells Oswald that Ed has broken his brain.  When she tells Penguin that Ed was unable to answer a simple riddle, that Zsasz was able to answer with ease.  Penguin lets Zsasz have his way with her.  After complimenting her dress, he shoots her.

Ed now being free, walks the streets of Gotham, when he comes across a pictures of Oswald at the Iceberg Lounge.  This only makes him more angry and he storms off.

Back at Barbra’s place, a man is walking around behind her.  She fights him off, after sneaking up behind her.  Where did she learn to fight.  She tells him she doesn’t have the knife, but Bruce does.  He finds this interesting.  He had bathed her in the lazareth pit, knowing that should would make an excellent ally for him.  She doesn’t want him to worry about the knife, but it is the key to everything.  They embrace in a kiss, which I found to be kinda weird.

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This week was awesome!  The return of Ra’s puts so many questions out there.  Can’t wait for next week where things get more intense.
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Until next week!


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