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‘Gotham: Mad City’: The New and Evil Ivy

Published on September 24th, 2016 | Updated on September 24th, 2016 | By FanFest

Monday is the day that we will be introduces to the new, older, Poison Ivy. But, how will the change be? What will Ivy go through? It must be hell to see a face you don’t recognize in the mirror. That’s why Maggie Geha and Camren Bicondova sat down with TVLine and told them exactly the changes that we will see happen.


Obviously, the change will not only be at the outside. She grew up in one touch and we believe that the 15-year-old mind is still in there. But that will not stop her to use her female charms:

“She’s obviously aged physically, but she’s also changed on the inside,” says Maggie Geha, “She definitely has a new confidence to her. The transformation brings out a bit of her manipulative side — and some evil.”


But that can’t be all, she won’t be able to understand what’s happened to her, being grabbed by one of Fish Mooney’s henchmen and falling into the water.

“Mentally, she’s foggy. She’s confused by what happened to her, and she doesn’t recognize her own face,” says Geha. “I think she wonders if it’s all a dream, but then again she doesn’t care. She’s like, ‘OK, wow, now I’m a woman — and I love it!’”


The one thing that Ivy will be pretty mad at, is that she believes her best friend Selina Kyle left her at the mercy of the henchmen.

“Ivy is not aware that Selina chased after her and tried to help, so she feels very much that she was on her own during that horrible experience, and Selina didn’t come to her aid. So when Ivy wakes up, she’s pissed. Her only friend in the entire world abandoned her — in her eyes.”


But not only that, Selina herself feels betrayed too:

“Selina thought Ivy died, and that it was her fault, so for her to come back to life and not tell her what happened… that’s a whole thing! It’s a very tense relationship at first.”


Selina is known for her temper and it may not seem like the best moment to get the feeling of being betrayed by a friend you thought were dead, but if she’s now taller than you and also very mad? We do think that Selina Kyle should watch her back for sure.


Further on the little Ivy becoming a young woman in just a touch, Maggie Geha also says how it’s happening that she’s becoming the Poison Ivy that we know:

“The new Ivy doesn’t like anybody. She sees people as a plague on the Earth,” the actress explains. “But she loves plants. It’s like when you’re in an airplane and you feel a bit claustrophobic because the air isn’t good quality — Ivy needs plants to feel normal, to ‘breathe.’ Humans, though, she sees as just wastes of space.”


Gotham’s next episode will be this Monday on Fox!



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