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‘Gotham’: Episode ‘Ruin’ Recap

Published on January 25th, 2019 | Updated on January 25th, 2019 | By FanFest

Welcome back to the fourth episode of Gotham! The last episode was WILD and was one of my favorite episodes yet. Not only because of Selina Kyle getting her claws out, but also for Camren Bicondova‘s performance which made me think of a young Michelle Pfeiffer. The first time she hissed at Harley was the moment her true self showed on screen. Yes, I just called ‘Ecco,’ Harley. I don’t care what people seem to say, Francesca Root-Dodson did one hell of a Harley in that episode. Let’s get back on track, shall we!

Jim Gordon/Penguin:
The scene starts with the burning grounds of the safe place, all people that survived to look shocked, even Penguin seems upset when he stands on his feet. The explosion, after all, happened right after Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) released Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and they could somewhat work together. That Jim Gordon is angry and leads to believe Penguin lead the gangs to the safe place, is a valid point, but I also trust Penguin wouldn’t do a mass murder after the people started to love him again for the people he saved.

Barbara (Erin Richards) could have shot Penguin then and there, but something in her mind switched, and she ran off. Could the blast have knocked her head back to the person she was in season 1? I don’t think she can ever become the calm person she was after everything that happened, and now losing her best friend. Weirdly enough, when Jim Gordon goes over to the Sirens club, Barbara gives up a location of a new lead without asking anything in return, which makes me believe something did change.
Jim Gordon gets called back to the GCPD by Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue), and there we see the police department standing right across of Penguin and his gang, who are holding up very big guns. Penguin makes some good point that the GCPD is outgunned and outmanned, so he’s there to help, and yes, he means it! They both want the same thing after all. He means well, but screaming through a microphone that you’re coming isn’t a smart idea. They soon have someone shooting at them through a window, and once he starts talking, we KNOW it’s Victor Szazs (Anthony Carrigan). We didn’t see him for far too long. While Penguin, his crew and the GCPD distracts Szazs, Jim Gordon runs inside to tackle him to the ground. After Penguin gets his hands on Szazs, he takes him to the town hall, where everything is set up like the trials they held in the Dark Knight Rises. Right before the guillotine kills Szazs, Jim Gordon saves him out of it with Harvey Bullock.

Bruce & Selina:
After Bruce heard the shot in the last episode he can’t help but run towards it, finding the dead bodies in the empty pool, but not the frames of Harley (deal with it) and Selina. Of course, here he has his first fight with some of Jeremiah’s goons. Luckily, Alfred (Sean Pertwee) comes to help Bruce. They both decide to find Selina before she does something stupid, which surprises me, as Alfred isn’t a big fan of Selina.

Selina is found by the gang that was using children to grave a whole through Gotham to get out, and that’s the first time we see the man himself this season. Jeremiah Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) just cut the leaders throat and lets him bleed out on the ground, the rest of the gang looking up through their masks. Harley comes by Jeremiah and gets to feel his wrath first hand because she didn’t get new followers to pass the insane test in the pool. Of course, they start dancing happily in their twisted way. 

Well, things still seem to progress slowly, he doesn’t know what his other self is doing. He’s leaving himself notes on his hand in green ink. He walks right into the GCPD with a great disguise and searches what he needs. Soon he’s caught by no one other than Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk), and he surprised me by bargaining with Edward. Lucius wants help with knowing what kind of explosives they used to blow up the building of the safe place. The moment they are on the rooftop, I get the vibe that Edward might be the one behind the explosions. Everything points towards it like one big puzzle getting solved. The other side of him is leading him everywhere, finally leading him to the GCPD to have a dead end with the inmate file. I think he was meant to find the rooftop and solve his own riddle.

One of the last scenes is where Jeremiah gets stabbed by Selina in her Harley disguise. She keeps stabbing him over and over until Bruce pulls her away from Jeremiah. It seems that he died after the scene, but we also know that no one stays dead in Gotham.

I don’t think the best part has happened yet for this season. The way the villains are developing is extraordinary. We already know we’ll see him again as he’ll be in the episode called ‘ACE Chemicals.’ How do you think he’ll rise again? How do you think Bruce and Selina will move past this? Let us know in the comments below.

Gotham’s next episode will air next Thursday night on FOX.

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