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‘Gotham’: Does This Picture Mean That Cameron Will Come Back?

Published on November 19th, 2016 | Updated on November 19th, 2016 | By FanFest

Something very strange has been going on and we would like your thoughts on it!

A while back we talked about Jerome being fan favorite of the show and that the executive producers of Gotham were bringing him back. It was 100% their intentions to do so, but they left us hanging there letting us know we will feel it in the third season, but we won’t be seeing him.


A picture that was posted, might tell us that is a lie and we might see Cameron Monoghan sooner than expected. And we are so EXCITED to share this with you. Take a look:




This picture has been posted on Cameron Monoghan his Instagram page, but it was taken down very shortly after he posted it. I love many things about this simple picture. A picture says more than a 1000 words and don’t we agree with it?


The smile seems to have an influence of the Joker that was portrayed by Jack Nicholson in the Batman movie of 1989. What we know for sure now:

  • One of the executive producers say that the third season will be built around the extraordinary life that is Jerome
  • What we also know is that they will bring him back slowly

What we don’t know, if we are getting a glimpse of what the Joker in this Gotham can be.


What do you think? Will Jerome Valeska come back earlier than we thought?


Everything will be slowly revealed in the episodes of Gotham. The next one will be airing on Monday November 21 on Fox!


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as seen on promo graphic